APT Client - Honeywell
Client – Honeywell
Project – Industrial Tank Cleaning & Degreasing Tank – Altitude Chamber Painting

What did the client need?

Honeywell, a renowned engineering and technology company, sought professional cleaning and painting services for their degreasing tank and altitude chamber. The project demanded a thorough deep cleaning of all external and internal surfaces, including cable trays, pipe works, electrical cabling, and power points, as well as painting the altitude chamber in specific colors according to the client’s request.

Honeywell required a comprehensive solution for their degreasing tank and altitude chamber. The degreasing tank, heavily impacted by grease and grime, needed a thorough deep clean to restore it to optimal functionality and maintain a safe and hygienic environment. Moreover, the altitude chamber required painting in precise colors to meet Honeywell’s aesthetic and branding preferences.

How did we approach it?

Our approach to the degreasing tank deep cleaning was methodical and meticulous. We assigned experienced technicians to conduct a thorough assessment of the tank to identify the most effective cleaning techniques and products. Considering the high level of grease and grime build-up, we decided to utilise Ultramax 2020, our industry-leading degreasing solution, renowned for its ability to cut through tough grease and contaminants. 

As part of our commercial cleaning projects, we always take advice on the most suitable cleaning products from our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. For the altitude chamber painting, we consulted with the client to understand their specific color requirements. Following the client’s instructions, we chose a premium paint product known for its excellent coverage and durability. Our accredited team meticulously prepared the surfaces and ensured they were clean and free from any debris, ensuring a smooth and even paint application.

What was the solution?

The degreasing tank was treated with our powerful Ultramax 2020, a highly effective solution that rapidly breaks down grease and grime. Our skilled technicians carefully applied the degreaser to all external and internal surfaces, including cable trays, pipe works, electrical cabling, and power points. We diligently cleaned and degreased the tank to achieve a spotless and sanitized environment.

For the altitude chamber painting, we utilised Ultraclean MB, chosen for its exceptional quality and long-lasting finish. We meticulously prepared the chamber’s surfaces, ensuring they were clean and free from any residue. Following Honeywell’s color preferences, we applied the cream color to the main chamber and a pristine white color to the interior. Additionally, we painted the pipework in a sleek black shade.

What was the outcome?

Our skilled technicians employed their expertise in degreasing tank deep cleaning and altitude chamber painting, producing remarkable outcomes. The tank was transformed, free from grease and grime, ensuring compliance with safety standards. With precision, we applied flawless paint finish to the chamber, perfectly matching Honeywell’s color preferences. The combination of cream and white hues heightened the chamber’s visual allure, while the black pipework added a touch of sophistication.

Witnessing the revitalised surfaces, it was evident that our dedication to delivering excellence in industrial cleaning and painting services was upheld. For degreasing tank and altitude chamber needs, rely on us to achieve optimal performance and create an aesthetically appealing environment. Trust APT for outstanding results that exceed expectations.

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