Why Regular Equipment Cleaning is Crucial for Industrial Safety and Compliance?

According to the Health and Safety Executive “Maintenance on plant and equipment is carried out to prevent problems arising and to ensure equipment is working effectively.” They also state that “It always involves non-routine activities and can expose those involved (and others) to a range of risks.” Part of any factory machinery and plant maintenance schedule should be the regular equipment cleaning and degreasing of large scale equipment. This task needs to be carried out carefully and properly for three reasons:

Regular Equipment Cleaning & Degreasing

Gone are the days of leaving machines and plant to become grimy, occasionally giving them a wipe over with an old rag dipped in petrol or some other solvent, just to keep the controls a bit cleaner. Factory managers know that dirty equipment is more likely to break down as dirt is transferred to the parts where it should not be. Down time and expensive repairs are a waste of time and money; prevention is better than cure, as a well known cliché tells us.

Additionally, if the grime in a machine is grease or oil based, it can lead to the deterioration of electrical wiring and other components, introducing risks to the operator as well as having the potential to lead to a machinery or plant breakdown.

In the food industry, dirty and greasy machinery can lead to the closure of your food factory. Inspectors finding grubby machines that could contaminate food will not hesitate to call a halt to production until they are satisfied with hygiene. Should contamination from a dirty machine reach the consumer, it could cost you your credibility and profits will plummet.

APT provide dedicated equipment cleaning & wider factory cleaning services throughout the UK. We use specialist equipment cleaning products that have been manufactured specifically for cleaning equipment. APT supply parts washer fluids which are excellent to use for equipment cleaning on a larger scale. Our equipment cleaning products can also be used for electrical components and heavy duty cleaning tasks.

Convinced now that you need to carry out factory machinery and plant cleaning and degreasing on a regular basis?

The Factory Machinery And Plant Cleaning Process

The cleaning of factory equipment is best left to specialists who have the right equipment in the hands of trained personnel; have the right Health and Safety knowledge and procedures already in place and have the best materials for the job.

To help you to select a reliable equipment cleaning contractor, look for the following performance indicators:

Why Choose APT As Your Factory And Plant Cleaning Contractor?

Here at APT, our already fully trained personnel follow on-going CPD (Continued Professional Development) ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date service from an efficient and skilled team. We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment including low pressure steam vortex cleaners, high pressure hot water washers, soda blasting machines plus a full range of cleaning and degreasing chemicals to suit all industrial cleaning and degreasing situations. We can simply remove the grime, leaving you with a clean machine or strip off the grease, dirt and paint to allow re-coating.

To benefit from over 30 years experience with factory machinery and plant cleaning, talk to us on 01495 308 048 or 0800 0723 773 NOW. We clean and degrease all types of factory machinery and plant – engineering, food, electronics, transport and more. You can find out more on our factory cleaning page.