APT Client - GE Aviation
Client – GE Aviation, Hampshire Air FieldsAldershot, Hampshire
Project – Industrial Machinery Cleaning, Bunded Pit Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning

What did the client need?

GE Aviation in Aldershot is an aviation engineering plant. They were replacing their old factory machinery with new state of the art industrial machinery. Once the old machinery had been removed, industrial cleaning and commercial floor cleaning was required to include; deep cleaning of the factory floor, cleaning the bunded pits and cleaning the old machinery.

How did we approach the Machinery Cleaning & Commercial Floor Cleaning?

We carried out a full factory industrial cleaning and commercial floor cleaning survey and provided proposals for evaluation by the client. Timing and coordination of this project were of great importance as the new industrial machinery needed to be up and running within days of instalment thus avoiding any downtime at the Hampshire plant. Our onsite service management was deployed to ensure a smooth transition. The industrial machinery, plant and equipment were in constant use, with 6-day shift patterns, so the schedule for industrial cleaning and painting would be very tight. The coordination of all involved was utmost to avoid disruption to daily operations. Because of the nature of the industry, attention to detail was paramount for this cleaning project. Discussions were held with the Health & Safety Executive who approved the process and the industrial products to be used for the cleaning. All MSDS sheets were assessed.

What was the solution?

After clear plans were laid out and formal directions given, our specialist industrial cleaners were deployed to deep clean all required areas. Laden with full PPE and industrial equipment we began the cleaning process in the early hours. We used APT’s specialised industrial degreaser Ultramax 2020 and Citrus RTU to clean the plant machinery and equipment, using a spray and wipe method. Tried and tested over many a decade, these industrial machinery and commercial floor cleaning products which are tested to British Standards, quickly break down and emulsify the surface grease, oils and other surface contaminants to allow for washing and wiping off at speed.

Ultramax 2020 degreaser was also used for the commercial floor cleaning with a super-heated steam cleaner to remove the oils and heavy grease build up. A heavy-duty floor scrubber dryer was then used for a final finish for the commercial floor cleaning. The bunded pits (catchpits) were cleaned using Citrus RTU. We used an industrial sump to empty the pit, then sprayed the pit with Citrus RTU using a scrubbing brush to agitate we removed the built up grease and residues. It was then washed off with super-heated steam.

What was the outcome?

APT completed the factory, machinery and commercial floor cleaning to exact specification and time for the new factory machinery to be installed. APT are a trusted partner of the company and provide assistance on all cleaning tasks.

Client Testimonial

“We recently instructed APT-ICC to carry out high-level render cleaning works, to treat and clean off severe algae staining from the exterior of the Mirage Building in Bristol. The building size and restrictive access was very problematic, and we found it difficult to source a contractor with the capabilities to carry out the work and coordinate safe access for the public and the residents.

APT provided a very detailed survey and full H&S plan to manage the project. The works were carried out as prescribed and to our complete satisfaction, all at the Mirage are delighted with the result. Thank you to all at APT for giving us a new look Mirage!”

Derrick Hitchins – Consultant Project Manager & Board Member at Mirage

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