APT Client - Looseley Ice Creams
Client – Loseley Ice Creams
Project – Factory Cleaning, Industrial Machinery Cleaning & Dry Ice Cleaning & Blast Cleaning

What did the client need?

Loseley Ice Creams is a renowned and beloved brand known for its delicious and high-quality ice cream products. With a rich heritage and commitment to exceptional taste, Loseley Ice Creams has become a trusted name in the frozen treats industry. Based on a foundation of passion and craftsmanship, Loseley Ice Creams creates a wide range of delectable ice cream flavors using only the finest ingredients. Each batch is carefully crafted to deliver a smooth and creamy texture, bursting with delightful flavors that tantalize the taste buds of ice cream enthusiasts.

Loseley Ice Creams required a comprehensive cleaning solution for their factory, including the removal of contaminants from industrial machinery and deep cleaning of the factory premises. The client sought a reliable and cost-effective alternative to previous unsuccessful attempts at dry ice cleaning. The project had to be completed within a tight timeframe and budget, without disrupting ongoing operations.

How did we approach it?

APT-ICC conducted a thorough survey of the food factory and presented proposals to the client. We offered expertise in dry ice cleaning, a part of our blast cleaning service, commercial deep cleaning. We collaborated closely with the managers and production teams to carefully plan the project and ensure minimal disruption during a brief factory production shutdown. Our goal was to address the client’s concerns regarding dry ice cleaning and demonstrate its effectiveness through a trial day, showcasing the efficiency of cryogenic ice blasting when performed by trained operators.

What was the solution?

APT-ICC’s solution for Loseley Ice Creams encompassed a comprehensive approach to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their industrial machinery and factory. Upon receiving approval from the production manager, we swiftly initiated the cleaning process using our advanced dry ice cleaning services.

Utilising the innovative technique of cryogenic ice blasting, we harnessed the power of extreme cold and high-velocity air to effectively remove contaminants from the surfaces of the industrial machinery. The dry ice pellets, made from solid carbon dioxide, were propelled at high speeds, causing them to sublimate upon impact with the surfaces. This process created a gentle but powerful cleaning action that dislodged and eliminated dirt, grease, and other residues without leaving behind any secondary waste.

In parallel to the dry ice cleaning, we conducted a thorough deep cleaning of the entire factory using our specialised UltraClean MB product. Ultraclean MB is manufactured in the UK by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals who supply eco-friendly, super-concentrated commercial cleaning products nationwide. This fast-acting bactericidal cleaner and degreaser were specifically formulated for food factory cleaning, ensuring the elimination of harmful bacteria and the removal of stubborn grease and grime. Our skilled team meticulously applied UltraClean MB to all necessary areas, including floors, walls, and other surfaces, to achieve a comprehensive level of cleanliness and hygiene.

The combined use of cryogenic ice blasting and UltraClean MB enabled us to deliver exceptional results. The machinery surfaces were restored to their optimal condition, free from contaminants that could compromise product quality and safety. Simultaneously, the deep factory cleaning ensured a sanitized environment, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene.

What was the outcome?

Thanks to our dry ice cleaning expertise and deep factory cleaning efforts, Loseley Ice Creams successfully achieved a clean and hygienic environment. The utilisation of cryogenic ice blasting proved to be a highly effective and efficient solution for removing contaminants from the industrial machinery. The client was pleased with the completed works and the use of UltraClean MB for comprehensive factory cleaning, meeting the stringent standards required for food factory hygiene.

This case study highlights the success of our dry ice cleaning services in resolving the client’s cleaning challenges. By addressing concerns, providing detailed information, and demonstrating the effectiveness of cryogenic ice blasting, we delivered a reliable and cost-effective cleaning solution. With a combination of dry ice cleaning and deep factory cleaning, we ensured a clean and safe environment for Loseley Ice Creams’ operations.

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