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Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-conductive method of cleaning, surface preparation, and parts finishing. Using compressed air, dry ice blasters blast recycled carbon dioxide / dry ice pellets or micro particles, which sublimate on impact, lifting dirt and contaminants off the substrate.

The dry ice blaster process, called sublimation, does not require water or cleaning chemicals, and produces no secondary waste. This high performance, environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning methods (like sand blasting) is efficient and safe, leaving no residue and ensuring that components are cleaned faster, left completely original and unspoiled.

As the UK leader in dry ice cleaning, APT deliver a superior and sustainable alternative to other cleaning methods. Our technology and long-standing expertise completely transform surfaces in a time and cost-efficient manner and will not be damaging to surfaces.

Precision dry ice cleaning machines and the use of dry ice requires certain safety procedures to be followed. A professional organisation like APT, will ensure appropriate risk assessments, training and certification has been carried out.

Dry Ice Blasting

What is Dry Ice Blasting suitable for?

Dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning can be used in a multitude of industries to clean all types of surfaces and equipment. One of the major benefits of using dry ice blasting to clean surfaces is that it is non-damaging whilst being able to clean hard to reach areas. 

  • Automotive – moulds, conveyors, electrical components
  • Aviation – removes rubber from runways, cleans aircraft leading gear, turbine planes
  • Building – property conservation
  • Construction – mould & lead paint removal
  • Energy & utility – turbines, compressors, transformers & switch gears
  • Equipment & machinery – switchboards & conveyors mixers
  • Fire restoration
  • Food prep & processing – moulds, mixes, electrical components & motors
  • Printing, packaging & textiles
  • Railway & road – railway carriages, conduits, fans & food truck interiors
  • Solar panels
  • Tanks & confined spaces

Our clients have improved their hygiene standards, boosted productivity, and created safe working environments while reducing costs through the use of APT’s specialised dry ice blasting cleaning techniques.

With a wealth of specialist experience and a dedication to exceptional customer service, our team of extensively trained professionals has been providing safe and effective dry ice blast cleaning services for several decades. As a result, we are widely recognised as one of the premier dry ice cleaning companies in the UK, supporting companies like Loseley Ice CreamsTata SteelHovis and more.

Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our first-rate dry ice cleaning machine cleaning services:

“APT-ICC carried out a very demanding programme of industrial cleaning and ice blasting which delivered fantastic results further demonstrating APT’s competence to deliver on time projects. We will continue to use their services for our ongoing operations.”

Justin May, Operations Manager at Graphic Packaging

We are widely recognised as one of the premier dry ice cleaning companies in the UK, supporting companies like Loseley Ice CreamsTata SteelHovis and more.
APT Client - Hovis
Food Factory Machinery Cleaning Using Our Dry Ice Blaster – HOVIS

We were approached by HOVIS to tackle machinery cleaning and production line cleaning at their Manchester Food Factory. Find out how we used our Dry Ice Blaster to clean their entire factory and their production line, whilst minimising disruption.

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Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting Bristol – Graphic Packaging

Revolutionize your cleaning process with dry ice blasting in Bristol. Our expert team delivers unparalleled results for Graphic Packaging’s industrial deep cleaning and machine maintenance needs.

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Our Client - Loseley Ice Cream
Factory, Machinery & Dry Ice Cleaning Surrey – Loseley Ice Creams

Scoop up sparkling clean operations with our expert factory cleaning for Loseley Ice Cream. Our team delivers precision industrial machinery and ice blast cleaning for superior results.

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The Benefits of Ice Blasting

Dry ice cleaning, also known as dry ice blasting, offers a fast and highly effective solution for cleaning industrial equipment. It is an eco-friendly and safe alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Here are some elaborations on the benefits of dry ice blast cleaning:

High-Speed & Efficient: Dry ice cleaning helps reduce downtime and increase production time. Its rapid cleaning process allows for quick turnaround, minimising interruptions to operations.

Equipment Cleaning without Cooldown and Disassembly: Unlike traditional methods, dry ice cleaning can be performed while the equipment is still operational and hot. This saves valuable time and resources.

Eco-Friendly with No Secondary Waste: Dry ice cleaning creates no secondary waste streams, residue, or moisture. The dry ice pellets used in the process sublimate upon impact, transitioning from solid to gas, leaving no chemical residues. 

Non-Abrasive, Non-Toxic, and Non-Conductive: The dry ice pellets are soft and gentle on surfaces, ensuring that substrates remain unharmed. It does not cause surface erosion or damage, leading to improved part quality and reduced scrap.

Elimination of Chemicals and Manual Processes: Dry ice cleaning relies solely on the kinetic energy of dry ice pellets to remove contaminants and coatings from surfaces. This eliminates the risks of chemical use and reduces labor-intensive manual cleaning, resulting in a safer and more efficient cleaning process.

Alternative to Traditional Blasting Methods: Traditional blasting methods often involve the use of hazardous substances, chemicals, and abrasive materials. By avoiding this, it provides a safer and more environmentally friendly cleaning option while achieving comparable or superior cleaning results.

Cost-Effective: The efficient and rapid cleaning process reduces labor costs, minimises downtime, and eliminates the need for expensive chemicals or solvents. It also helps extend the lifespan of equipment by effectively removing contaminants and coatings, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Why Use a Specialist Company for Dry Ice Cleaning?

Using a specialist company for dry ice blasting offers several advantages and ensures optimal results. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to rely on professionals for dry ice blasting:

Expertise and Experience: Our experience allows us to understand the nuances of the process, including the equipment, techniques, and safety measures required for effective cleaning.

Proper Equipment and Techniques: We use specialised equipment (dry ice blasting machines), which are not be readily available or familiar to non-specialists. We have the necessary tools and know-how to operate the equipment correctly and achieve the desired cleaning outcomes.

Quality & Safety Precautions: Dry ice cleaning involves handling extremely cold temperatures and high-velocity particles. We are well-versed in safety protocols and our operatives are trained to manage potential risks and handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the cleaning process. We have quality assurance protocols in place, ensuring that the cleaning is performed to the highest standards and meets the specific requirements of the client.

Tailored Solutions: We assess the specific cleaning needs of a project and develop customised solutions accordingly. Ww can determine the appropriate dry ice blasting parameters, such as pressure and nozzle selection, to achieve optimal cleaning results without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

Time & Cost Saving: Using thew right equipment, products and cleaning methods, we save companies time and allows businesses to resume their operations quickly, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. We optimise the cleaning process, minimise material waste, and prevent damage to equipment or surfaces, reducing the overall cleaning and maintenance costs.

Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting FAQs

Dry ice blasting is one of our preferred methods of brick cleaning and revitalising. This sympathetic brick cleaning method enables us to clean bricks and other building facades without causing damage to the substrate materials and joint mortars. Ice blasting uses precision compressed air to fire specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals at the brick wall (or other brick surface) to remove any unwanted surface deposits.

Working from the outside in dry ice blasting gently removes successive layers of contamination, until the suitable brick cleaning has been achieved. Ice blasting is an environmentally friendly brick cleaning technology that is not abrasive and will not damage bricks and mortar.

APT are one of the few dry blast cleaning experts in the UK, having used this specialist cleaning process for over 15 years. This dry ice blast and clean technique has many benefits over other cleaning methods to include the speed at which it cleans, it’s food safe, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and an economic solution to your blast clean requirements.

Our dry ice blast cleaning machine is mobile and we can visit sites all over the country. Dry ice blasting is particularly suited to the removal of:

  • Organic lime, exterior and gloss-based paints
  • Limescale
  • Effervescence staining
  • Atmospheric Carbon soiling
  • Graffiti removal
  • Bitumen
  • Bird droppings
  • Algal blooms

We never recommend purchasing your own dry ice blasting machine. It’s not something that’s easy to carry out without specialist training and experience. When it comes to dry ice blasting, it requires specialist knowledge of the machine, the substrate material and the way in which it works against surfaces. APT are one of the few dry blast cleaning experts in the UK, having used this specialist cleaning process for over 15 years.

This dry ice blast and clean technique has many benefits over other cleaning methods to include the speed at which it cleans, it’s food safe, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and an economic solution to your blast clean requirements. Our dry ice blast cleaning machine is mobile, and we can visit sites all over the country.

The cost of dry ice cleaning is entirely dependable on the task at hand. At APT, we have been providing dry ice blast cleaning services to businesses across the UK for over 30 years. When we first communicate with clients regarding a dry ice blast cleaning job, we often use photographs to understand the initial requirements of the job.

After communication has begun, we will send one of our specialist technicians to provide a detailed, free, non-obligation quotation. The quotation will provide a detailed analysis of how the job will be carried out, the blast cleaning processes that we will follow and the anticipated result. This will then allow you to analyse this and provide any feedback to us.


Dry ice blasting (dry-ice blasting) is a specialist cleaning process that has many benefits over other cleaning methods to include the speed at which it can clean, it is food safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and an economical solution to many cleaning tasks. APT are one of the UK’s few dry ice blasting experts, having used this specialist cleaning process for over 30 years.

Using dry ice cleaning throughout industry saves time and money as there is no need for dismantling or disassembly, nor must you wait for long clean up periods before restarting factory production or equipment. Dry ice blasting quickly removes unwanted debris such as oils, grease, ink, paint etc and you will see an instant visual improvement for this dry ice cleaning process.

The cost of dry ice blasting per hour in the UK can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, the type of equipment used, and the experience of the professionals involved. It’s best to get a specific quote from a reputable dry ice blasting company after they assess your needs and requirements. At APT, we offer competitive and customised prices based on the unique needs of each project. Contact us for a quote today.

There are a few potential disadvantages to dry ice blasting. First, it can be more expensive than other cleaning methods. Second, it may not be suitable for delicate surfaces that could be damaged by the force of the pellets. Finally, it can produce noise and create carbon dioxide emissions, which can be a concern in certain environments. However, these disadvantages are typically outweighed by the benefits of the process, including its effectiveness, non-abrasiveness, and environmental friendliness.

Due to the very nature of the ice blast process and the fact that we use pure ice with no chemicals, this technique allows APT technicians to effectively and safely clean machinery within all industries, including the food manufacturing industry. It is by far one of the most economical solutions, leaving your machinery looking restored to its original state.

There is virtually no additional waste from our dry ice blasting process, the only waste that requires removal is that which has been removed from the surface being cleaned since the dry ice simply sublimes and returns to the air. You benefit from shorter, deep cleaning times than with conventional industrial cleaning methods meaning your downtime is minimal.

APT’s ice blast machine cleaning system is particularly advantageous to industries using hot-moulding techniques – moulds can be cleaned in-place, resulting in greater productivity. It is also widely used in the printing industry. You can operate right up to the moment our team arrive and restart again as soon as they’re finished using the dry ice blasting machine. We work during unsocial hours and around you to ensure that disruption to your organisation is minimised.

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Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals is a trusted UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialist cleaning chemicals with over 30 years of experience, serving some of the UK’s largest businesses including the NHS, BAE systems, Tata Steel, the BBC and more.

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