Sun Hydraulics
Client – Sun Hydraulics, Coventry, England
Project – Industrial Floor CleanersMachinery Cleaning – Warehouse Cleaning

What did the client need?

APT were invited to Sun Hydraulics factory to discuss their issues with current industrial machinery cleaning and industrial floor cleaning at their Coventry plant. The machines had suffered build-up of oil, debris, and general dirt in the production area, with the metal working and tooling machines needing immediate attention to remove dirt and debris. Further to that we were also asked to provide a solution for cleaning the industrial warehouse and factory floor cleaning.

Established in 1986, Sun Hydraulics has a a large presence in Coventry, England and employs nearly 1000 people at its UK factory. It is a world wide company that designs and manufactures screw in hydraulic cartridge values and manifolds. The UK factory is a centre of excellence for design engineering, sales and customer service.

How we approached this project using Industrial Floor Cleaners & Machinery Cleaners?

After initial consultation and acceptance of quote, APT were asked to provide a schedule of works for a complete deep clean of all the industrial machinery, tooling and metal working machines along with cleaning the industrial warehouse and expert industrial floor cleaners were required. The cleaning of the machinery was essential not only for Health & Safety purposes and efficient production but to accommodate visits from their high-end clients, which would satisfy their requisitions.

We met with the Health & Safety Officer and Engineer to carry out a full factory survey, along with sample testing of exacting industrial cleaning chemicals; all products used by APT have passed British Standards assessments therefore, making them safe to use within a factory setting and within our industrial floor cleaners. We then submitted proposals for evaluation by the client.

As APT have over 30 years of experience in the industrial cleaning sector and have worked with some of the largest organisations in the UK, we were well equipped to provide advice on the deep cleaning options and methods for the Coventry factory. We are also expert industrial floor cleaners operating nationwide.

We proposed leaner and more efficient ways of cleaning the industrial machines and as well as other areas within the factory, while at the same time maintaining high standards of cleanliness. This shows a commitment to continuous improvement and a willingness to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of the factory.

What the project entailed:

  • The machinery and plant were in constant use so had not been cleaned for many years. The excess build-was so excessive that it had spread to the floors and required immediate attention to eradicate the build-up.
  • It was important to cause as little disruption as possible during this factory cleaning process; a detailed safe working scheme needed to be adopted.
  • APT initiated the use of the specialised industrial degreaser UltraMax 2020 and Citrus RTU to clean throughout the plant industrial machinery and equipment.
  • UltraMax 2020 formulates to quickly break down and emulsify the tenacious hardened grease, oils and other surface contaminants thus allowing easy washing and wiping off. The UltraMax 2020 Degreaser was also used throughout the factory cleaning process. This product works as an industrial floor cleaner used for warehouse cleaning through the scrubber dryers.
  • Citrus RTU is a heavy-duty solvent degreaser, used in industry to remove the tenacious grease and foul deposits found in heavy engineering. It is also used as a tar and glue remover.

What was the solution?

APT provided a step-by-step process for the clean;
  1. Wipe the machines with a dry cloth
  2. Remove the grease and swarf that has accumulated using steel wool or a scraper
  3. Empty oil from machine sumps and flush through
  4. Clean the base of machines
  5. Carry out industrial floor cleaning using a range of floor chemicals, floor scrubbers and floor cleaning machines
  6. Using only APT’s British Standard exacting degreasing chemicals and solvents to remove the stains of the grease

The first task was for our team of industrial cleaners to remove the spools and store them in line order. This process gave us an easy passage to commence our industrial cleaning services and industrial degreasing services.  Once the cleaning was complete to satisfaction, the surfaces were then prepared by the team allowing our industrial painters to commence the industrial painting of the machinery metal work. We used industrial floor cleaner products and scrubber dryers on the floors to bring them back to as good as new condition.

What was the outcome?

APT carried out a safe programme of Factory Cleaning Services to meet client expectations and have since been awarded further on-going planned maintenance works, which will ensure the industrial factory and plant maintains the cleaning standards in all areas.

As part of our ongoing partnership APT’s technicians trained the internal team at the Coventry in how to regularly clean their industrial  machines. They were to integrate UltraMax 2020 and Citrus RTU degreaser into their Kaizen cleaning programme for weekly maintenance and floor cleaning tasks thus preventing weekly cleaning of an industrial services company.

Work with us

APT operate right throughout the UK providing a wide range of industrial cleaning. With three decades working in the industry you are guaranteed to work with experts. Here are just some of the areas near to Coventry that we cover; Meriden, Kenilworth, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull, Hinckley.

If you are looking to clean your industrial machines within your factory or workplace, or needing specialist industrial floor cleaners, then don’t hesitate to find out how APT can help your organisation, call today on 0800 0723 773.