Our Client - Qualitek Engineering
Client – Qualitek Engineering
Project – Cleaning Machinery – CNC Machine Cleaning – Industrial Floor Cleaning

What did the client need?

In this case study, we delve into a highly specialised cleaning machinery project undertaken by APT for Qualitek Engineering. This task centered around the meticulous cleaning machinery and degreasing of a CNC machine, a critical component of Qualitek’s manufacturing process. As a leading expert in industrial cleaning machinery solutions, APT stepped in to address the unique cleaning needs of Qualitek Engineering.

Qualitek Engineering, an esteemed player in the engineering domain, was faced with the challenge of relocating their CNC machine within their facility to make way for a new addition. Prior to its transfer, the CNC machine needed to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, both externally and internally. This was crucial not only for maintaining a clean working environment but also for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of the machine.

How did we approach it?

APT’s team of skilled technicians initiated the project with a detailed assessment of the CNC machine. This assessment involved identifying areas with built-up swarf, grease, and contaminants. Our cleaning machinery technicians formulated a customised cleaning machinery plan that incorporated a blend of specialised cleaning machinery products and advanced techniques. We were equipped with APT Commercial Chemicals‘ CitraCleanse and UltraMax 2020, both renowned for their effectiveness and safety in industrial cleaning applications, especially used by us for cleaning machinery.

Citracleanse – the latest breakthrough in cleaning technology as part of our super-concentrated range. We are proud to supply our aqueous degreaser to esteemed companies and institutions such as the University of Leeds, University of London, Travelodge, Viva Brazil, and many more.

Ultramax 2020 – super-Concentrated Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser used in engineering plants, transport, shipping, medical & food processing. 5 litres makes 1000 litres of cleaning solution. Relied on by our clients at Honeywell, Renold, WEPA, Liberty Steel & many more.

What was the solution?

To meet Qualitek Engineering’s precise requirements, APT executed a multi-step cleaning and degreasing process. External areas of the CNC machine, as well as surrounding floor and wall spaces, were meticulously cleaned and degreased using CitraCleanse. This eco-friendly and powerful cleaner ensured the removal of grease and grime without compromising the machine’s delicate components.

Moving to the internal cleaning machinery, our team began by systematically removing the accumulated swarf from all areas of the CNC machine. This meticulous process required the use of specialised hand tools to access intricate corners. The coolant tanks, vital for the machine’s operation, were also subjected to a thorough cleaning using our state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment. UltraMax 2020, another premium cleaning product from APT Commercial Chemicals, played a key role in this phase, ensuring the tanks were free from contaminants.

What was the outcome?

APT’s intervention yielded remarkable results for Qualitek Engineering. The CNC machine, both inside and out, underwent a complete transformation. The once oil-stained and swarf-laden machine emerged spotless and degreased. Every nook and cranny was meticulously cleaned, leaving the machine prepared for its relocation. The coolant tanks were completely emptied and steam cleaned, ensuring optimal coolant circulation for future operations.

The meticulous cleaning machinery not only contributed to the machine’s performance but also aligned with Qualitek Engineering’s commitment to maintaining a clean and efficient workspace. The use of APT Commercial Chemicals’ CitraCleanse and UltraMax 2020 ensured a safe and eco-friendly cleaning process that didn’t compromise the integrity of the CNC machine.

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