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Factory Cleaning

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We have been providing factory cleaning services to industrial and commercial factories and organisations across the UK. Our dedicated factory cleaning services work around your requirements.

UK Factory Cleaning Specialists

Whether your factory is used for food production or as a warehouse storing specialist goods and supplies, no matter the size or scale, all factories have a duty to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout. Factories are busy working environments and the factory floor, specialist machinery, equipment and production lines, can become a breeding ground for dirt, grime and contaminants, which can build up if these areas that do not receive regular cleans. Specialist factory cleaning will help ensure that your employees work and operate machinery in a sanitised and safe clean factory, APT will support you to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout.

Our factory cleaning service includes:

  • Emergency, one-off and contract cleans

  • Ventilation, ducting, refrigeration & air conditioning high-level cleaning

  • Window & skylight high-level cleaning

  • External surface cleaning 

  • Commercial floor cleaning & factory floor cleaning services
  • Staff washrooms, canteens, social spaces

APT have been one of the longest standing factory cleaning companies in the UK, recommended by hundreds of organisations for their specialist cleaning factory services. Look at some of our recent case studies where we have providing factory cleaning services, food factory cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning and many other cleaning services that fit into the realm of factory cleaning.

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years.

Ultra-versatile, super-concentrated industrial cleaning and degreaser used in engineering plants, transport, shipping, medical and food processing. Used in pressure washers and manual cleaning.

Unrivalled as the best all-in-one cleaner and degreaser suitable to use on all surfaces. Exceeds recommended performance kill rate and kills 99.99% of all gram+ & gram- bacteria. Destroys viruses and bacteria in just 60 seconds ensuring thorough disinfection.


Fast-acting industrial hard floor cleaner that quickly cleans and removes grease, oils, stains, and ingrained dirt from all hard floors.

Clear Flow Drain Cleaner

Heavy duty, chemical drain cleaner liquid for the fast removal of grease, fats, hair residues and food stuff blockages. Tackles the toughest jobs and most tenacious drain blockages.

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We have a full range our services available here. These are some of the services that could be related if you’re seeking a factory cleaning company.

Commercial Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

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