Maximising Safety & Efficiency with Professional Industrial Floor Cleaners

Industrial environments such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities often pose a significant challenge when it comes to keeping their industrial floors clean. These floors are typically subjected to heavy foot traffic, spillages, and other substances such as grease, oil, and chemicals, making them difficult to clean using conventional cleaning methods or products. However, maintaining clean floors is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers, compliance with health and safety regulations, and prolonging the lifespan of expensive equipment.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to hire an industrial floor cleaner company to help maintain your facility’s floors. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of employing professional industrial cleaners for your industrial floor cleaning needs.

Industrial Floor Cleaners – Are They Often Forgotten?

In any commercial environment, it is inevitable that the floor becomes the main repository for any loose dirt, rubbish, and other detritus, from general activity and human traffic, not to mention any spills that may occur. It should go without saying that in a busy commercial environment, any items or debris on the floor poses a trip hazard, which can prove to be even more dangerous when surrounded by machinery or equipment.

As well as creating dangers for staff and visitors, in violation of the health and safety act, mess, rubbish, or substances that linger on the floor will also create a messy impression on any visitors, and could risk your business reputation during audits and inspections. In addition to this, the constant presence of certain substances and chemicals could also damage the flooring, or cause staining over time.

Every business and organisation, and each area within their premises, will require different things in terms of cleaning their flooring; for example, vehicle production areas will require different methods and products than a food production plant. APT have been providing specialist industrial cleaning for over 30 years. Our team of industrial floor cleaners operate nationwide, supporting industrial organisations with industrial floor cleaner products. Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals supply industrial floor cleaners that have been designed in compliance with regulations such as ISO & British Standards to ensure that they work first time, every time.

We understand using new products can seem daunting, but imagine finding an industrial floor cleaner that works every time? That’s where we come in. Our eco-friendly, super-concentrated products can be used on several surfaces. So, they’re not just industrial floor cleaners, but they’re surface cleaners & machinery cleaners. Not only does this save you significant amounts of money on buying several products, but also saves your cleaning team confusion since they’ll have to use just one product!

Alongside our industrial floor cleaners products, our industrial cleaning team can visit your site and do the cleaning for you without causing disruption to your production and workforce. Our industrial cleaners can be available 24/7, working around your business needs.

What is the best way to manage the floor cleaning?

Hiring a professional team of industrial floor cleaners to carry out your floor cleaning in an industrial environment is extremely important. Not only will professional services be able to complete any cleaning in a short amount of time, but they will be aware of what works best based on the floor material or coating, and the sort of substances or debris that are creating a problem. Professional companies, such as APT Commercial Cleaning, have witnessed business and organisations attempt to clean the flooring themselves, only to use the wrong product, which can result in things like paint stripping or discolouration, and cost the business thousands in repairs or replacements.

APT Commercial Cleaning can provide you with expert knowledge and years of experience in order to deliver great results. Our team are specially trained in the use of all floor-cleaning equipment, and are well versed in the differences and requirements of varying industries, and employ the use of our very own eco-friendly commercial cleaning products.

An industrial floor cleaning company can offer numerous benefits to businesses and organisations. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Saves Time and Money: By hiring a professional industrial floor cleaning company, businesses can save time and money. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to complete the job quickly and efficiently, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance can help to extend the life of the flooring, reducing the need for costly replacements.

  2. Improved Health and Safety: A clean and well-maintained floor is essential for maintaining a safe working environment. Professional industrial floor cleaning companies can remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can cause slips, falls, and other accidents. They can also identify and address any potential hazards that may pose a risk to employees or visitors.

  3. Expertise and Knowledge: Professional industrial floor cleaning companies have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to tackle any type of flooring, whether it is concrete, tile, or another material. They know the best cleaning products and techniques to use for each type of flooring, as well as how to handle any challenging stains or spills.

  4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: Many industrial floor cleaning companies now use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for both the environment and the people who work in the facility. These cleaning solutions are biodegradable, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals, making them a healthier and more sustainable choice.

  5. Enhanced Appearance: A clean and well-maintained floor can enhance the appearance of a facility, making it more attractive to employees, customers, and visitors. A professional industrial floor cleaning company can remove stubborn stains, marks, and dirt, leaving the flooring looking like new.

In summary, hiring an industrial floor cleaning company can offer numerous benefits to businesses, including saving time and money, improving health and safety, providing expertise and knowledge, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and enhancing the appearance of the facility. Contact us today!