APT Client - Tri-Wall
Client – Tri-Wall UK
Project – Commercial CleansHigh Level Cleaning

What did the client need?

Tri-Wall UK reached out to us as a local business in South Wales to support them with their high level cleaning. Tri-Wall are a UK-based manufacturing company, providing packaging solutions to companies across the UK and Europe. Tri-Wall required APT to  visit their Monmouth site to remove all dust and debris from all accessible high levels inside their manufacturing facility.

How did we approach it?

When Tri-Wall contacted us, we arranged for an accredited surveyor to attend their site to conduct a site survey and provide a full assessment of the cleaning requirements. Conducting a thorough site survey is paramount and gives us a great opportunity to find out more about the clients expectations and requirements and we always tailor our service around this. 

A challenge with regard to this project was that Tri-Wall are operational during normal working hours (9-5pm), so we had to find a way to clean the factory during unsocial hours. Luckily, our accredited team of commercial cleaners work 24/7 and during those periods. We were able enact our commercial cleaning teams outside of normal working hours to ensure the commercial clean could commence, without causing disruption to the running of the organisation. 

What was the solution?

Tri-Wall had a non-negotiable requirement that the cleaning process should not take place during working hours to minimize disruption not only to their own operations but also to other trades and the general public. Understanding the significance of this constraint, we meticulously planned and executed the cleaning operation outside of normal working hours.

Our commercial cleaning approach involved employing a dry wipe method combined with the use of industrial-grade hoovers to effectively remove dirt and debris from high levels. This method ensured thorough cleaning while maintaining a safe and controlled environment.

To address the specific requirement of working at height, our team at APT possesses the necessary certifications from IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). These accreditations demonstrate our compliance with UK regulations and enable our team members to safely and proficiently carry out cleaning tasks at elevated locations.

By working diligently outside of regular working hours and leveraging our expertise in height access and cleaning techniques, we were able to deliver a comprehensive cleaning solution to Tri-Wall. This approach not only minimized disruption to their daily operations but also ensured that the cleaning process was conducted safely and efficiently.

What was the outcome?

Despite having to work around the clock, we were pleased to have completed the commercial clean without causing interruption to production. Tri-Wall were hugely appreciative that their production was not uninterrupted and they did not face any financial consequences as a result of the commercial clean. The client was hugely satisfied with the commercial clean. They have regularly commented on the high levels of dust and debris removal from the hard to reach areas within the factory. As APT’s sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals have been manufacturing cleaning chemicals for over 30 years, we provided Tri-Wall with recommendations of suitable cleaning chemicals to benefit their organisation moving forward.

Work with us

As professional commercial cleaners, we are committed to supporting our clients nationwide with their commercial cleans. We supported companies of all sizes and types, no matter the industry. Contact us today on 0800 0723 773 to discuss your commercial clean requirements, our team would be happy to provide a site survey.