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For more than three decades, APT has delivered blast cleaning services to a wide range of industries. This modern technology provides a effective approach to sympathetically clean and restore a multitude of surfaces, including metal, stone, brick and fibreglass etc.

Blast Cleaning Industrial

What are the blast cleaning methods we use?

APT have been providing a dedicated blast cleaning service for over 30 years. As such, we have devised a portfolio of specialist blast cleaning technologies to ensure that the surface you are looking to clean will not damaged.

Soda blasting is non-abrasive and sympathetic approach used to clean and restore building facades and sensitive surfaces without damaging the substrate and mortar joints.

Soda blasting uses precision compressed air to fire specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals at the surface, removing layers of contamination. It removes:

  • Exterior and gloss-based paints
  • Limescale & Effervescence
  • Atmospheric carbon soiling
  • Graffiti
  • Bitumen
  • Bird droppings
  • Algae blooms

Our steam cleaning systems are used where gentle cleaning and restoration of building conservation is necessary. It uses very low pressure, super-heated high steam of up to 120 degrees to remove all unwanted surface contaminants from masonry and cladding.

Steam cleaning ensures the surface dries quickly and prevents damage in harsh environmental conditions. Low pressure super-heated steam cleaning removes:

  • Algae 
  • Moss
  • Unsightly stains 
  • Graffiti 
  • Paint

Dry ice blasting is a corrosion-free cleaning method that and will not damage electrical equipment. This specialist process requires minimal downtime. It is food safe, biodegradable & eco-friendly. An economic solution to your cleaning requirements. 

Dry ice blasting is one of the fastest methods for cleaning equipment and surfaces in variety of organisations. Dry ice blasting removes:

  • Oils 
  • Grease 
  • Ink 
  • Paint 
  • Rubber 
  • Ingrained dirt

Our clients have improved their hygiene standards, boosted productivity, and created safe working environments while reducing costs through the use of APT’s specialised cleaning techniques

Layers of contamination can not only be detrimental to the surface of the material, but the overall impression your organisations gives to clients, visitors and staff could be negatively effected. At APT, we have supported many organisations prolong the life of their building and ensure compliance with building regulations and health and safety regulations.

Our 30 years experience of delivering exceptional customer service and providing outstanding blast cleaning results have allowed us to become well recognised in the building restoration world.

We have worked with companies like Welsh Heritage, Newport City Homes, Fitzwilliam Estate, Barclays Bank and more.

Here’s what our customers have to say about our professional blast cleaning services:

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council for the outstanding work that you and your company carried out last weekend. The reports I have received from the client, traders and our Estates Manager are glowing to say the least. Your workforce behaviour, safety and performance were exemplar. Can you please pass on our thanks to your workforce for all their hard work in what were very difficult conditions”

Phil Kennedy – Monmouthshire County Council

CADW - Soda Blasting, Graffiti Removal & Sand Stone Cleaning - Case Study
Soda Blasting, Graffiti Removal & Sand Stone Cleaning Wales – Welsh Heritage (Newport Castle)

With Newport Castle under threat of further graffiti attacks, Cadw turned to APT for our specialist cleaning services. Using our 30 years of knowledge and expertise, we safely and effectively removed the graffiti without causing any damage to the fragile substrate.

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Monument Restoration - Penrallt Column
Monument Restoration: War Memorial Cleaning at Penrallt Column

APT, with its expertise and dedicated to Monument Restoration supported Gwynedd Council with their Heritage Building Restoration Project. Find out more..

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Cladding Render Clean at Penygarn School
Cleaning Rendered Walls, Softwashing & Algae Removal – Pontypool School

APT restored Render for Torfaen Council, saving them £40K. Cleaning Rendered Walls delivered great results & cost-savings. Find out more about our work here…

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Grit and Shot Blasting
Blast Cleaning Service UK – Wipac

Our Blast Cleaning Service has been used to clean Aluminium for 30 YRS. APT helped WIPAC with Aluminium Stripping using Soda Blasting. Find out more…

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Clock Restoration
Historic Property Restoration – Llangefni Town Clock, Anglesey

Called on by Anglesey Council, APT provided Historic Property Restoration on a loved local Monument. We used Soda Blasting, Graffiti Removal & Stone Cleaning.

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Newport City Homes - Graffiti Removal - Case Study
Graffiti Removal Service South Wales – Newport City Homes

APT was called to remove graffiti, soda blast, restore property, and clean bricks for Newport City Homes in Newport, Wales. Our expert team tackled the job with success.

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Tenby Lifeboat House - Listing Building Renovation
Listed Building Renovation – Tenby Lifeboat House, Grand Designs Project

Remarkable transformation of Tenby Life Boat House – Grade 1 listed Building, using Soda Blasting Media. Featured on Grand Designs – Listed Building Renovation.

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Our Client - Loseley Ice Cream
Factory, Machinery & Dry Ice Cleaning Surrey – Loseley Ice Creams

Scoop up sparkling clean operations with our expert factory cleaning for Loseley Ice Cream. Our team delivers precision industrial machinery and ice blast cleaning for superior results.

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Classic Car Restoration - Vintage Car
Classic Car Restoration & Repair – Vintage Car

Our private client, Maggie is a Vintage Car Enthusiast. She required Classic Car Restoration using Soda Blasting. APT are Vintage Car Restoration Experts.

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Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting Bristol – Graphic Packaging

Revolutionize your cleaning process with dry ice blasting in Bristol. Our expert team delivers unparalleled results for Graphic Packaging’s industrial deep cleaning and machine maintenance needs.

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Blaenavon Iron Works
Reviving History Through Historic Building Conservation – Iron Works Blaenavon

APT’s proudly partnered with CADW for Heritage Building Restoration at Blaenavon Iron Works to be used by the BBC. Using Soda Blasting & Eco-friendly techniques.

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Soda Blasting & Cleaning at Hallmark Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Cleaning – Hallmark Hotel & Spa

Hallmark Hotel & Spa called on APT to carry out Specialist Swimming Pool Cleaning at their Gloucester Hotel. We used Soda Blasting to deliver a great result.

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What are the benefits of Blast Cleaning?

Exterior cleaning is often something that is overlooked by business, despite the impact it could have to potential clients and also internal staff. Ensuring your business looks its best, from the very start, blast cleaning is a sensitive method for specialised cleaning. 

The key benefits of blast cleaning are:

  • No harsh chemicals – we only use frozen carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate crystals or super-heat

  • Environmentally-friendly, non-abrasive cleaning methods

  • Used to clean a multitude of surfaces from historic buildings to industrial machinery

  • Non-damaging to the substrate material 

  • Quick and easy cleaning processes which is superior to conventional cleaning methods

  • Removes deep layers of contamination

Why APT for Blast Media Cleaning Services?

As one of the UK’s most respected blast cleaning companies, we are often relied upon by conservation architects for our expertise in sympathetic cleaning methods. We regularly work with historic associations like CADW, Historic England, English Heritage & Historic Scotland, supporting them with sensitive cleaning projects.

We started life as a specialist cleaning chemical provider and our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals support us with eco-friendly, safe and sympathetic cleaning products and equipment for sensitive cleaning of buildings.

We leverage our expertise to deliver unparalleled blast cleaning services. We provide a thorough site survey, carried out by accredited and professional surveyors, complete with risk assessments & RAMS. Our expert team will schedule your blast cleaning around your business, ensuring downtime is minimised.

Our abrasive blast cleaning service can operate 24/7 across the UK. We provide a full cleaning service, from surface preparation to repairs and reconstruction. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your cleaning requirements.
Blast Monument Cleaning

Blast Cleaning FAQ's

Soda blasting is one of our preferred methods of brick cleaning and revitalising. This sympathetic brick cleaning method enables us to clean bricks and other building facades without causing damage to the substrate materials and joint mortars.

Soda blasting uses precision compressed air to fire specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals (sensitively abrasive particles) at the brick wall (or other brick surface) to remove any unwanted surface deposits. Working from the outside in soda blasting gently removes successive layers of contamination, until the suitable brick cleaning has been achieved.

The most suitable method for cleaning bead blasted stainless steel is to use our blast cleaning method of soda blasting or even use dry ice blast cleaning. Soda blasting uses precision compressed air to fire specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals at the brick wall (or other brick surface) to remove any unwanted surface deposits.

Dry ice blasting (dry-ice blasting) is a specialist cleaning process that has many benefits over other cleaning methods to include the speed at which it can clean, it is food safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and an economical solution to many cleaning tasks. APT are one of the UK’s few dry ice blasting experts, having used this specialist cleaning process for over 30 years.
The cost for blast cleaning is entirely dependable on the task at hand. At APT, we have been providing blast cleaning services to businesses across the UK for over 30 years. When we first communicate with clients regarding a blast cleaning job, we often use photographs to understand the initial requirements of the job.

After communication has begun, we will send one of our specialist technicians to provide a detailed, free, non-obligation quotation. The quotation will provide a detailed analysis of how the job will be carried out, the blast cleaning processes that we will follow and the anticipated result. This will then allow you to analyse this and provide any feedback to us.
APT have been providing a dedicated blast cleaning service for over 30 years. As such, we have devised a portfolio of specialist blast cleaning technologies to ensure that the surface that you are looking to clean will not become damaged. We provide a free, no-obligation quotation for all organisations so that we can recommend the most suitable mobile blast cleaning technique for your facility. We’ll talk you through some of the blast cleaning services that we provide:

Soda Blast Cleaning – Soda blasting is one of our preferred methods of brick cleaning and revitalising. This sympathetic brick cleaning method enables us to clean bricks and other building facades without causing damage to the substrate materials and joint mortars.

Low pressure super-heated steam cleaning – Steam cleaning systems are used for gentle cleaning and restoration of all conservation projects and building cleaning since they produce highly effective results.

Soda blasting uses precision compressed air to fire specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals at the brick wall (or other brick surface) to remove any unwanted surface deposits. Working from the outside in soda blasting gently removes successive layers of contamination, until the suitable brick cleaning has been achieved. Soda blasting is an environmentally friendly brick cleaning technology that is not abrasive and will not damage bricks and mortar. Soda blasting is particularly suited to the removal of:

  • Organic lime, exterior and gloss-based paints.
  • Limescale
  • Effervescence staining
  • Atmospheric Carbon soiling
  • Graffiti removal
  • Bitumen
  • Bird droppings
  • Algal bloom

Due to the very nature of the ice blast process and the fact that we use pure ice with no chemicals, this technique allows APT technicians to effectively and safely clean machinery within all industries, including the food manufacturing industry. It is by far one of the most economical solutions, leaving your machinery looking restored to its original state.

There is virtually no additional waste from our dry ice blasting process, the only waste that requires removal is that which has been removed from the surface being cleaned since the dry ice simply sublimes and returns to the air. You benefit from shorter, deep cleaning times than with conventional industrial cleaning methods meaning your downtime is minimal.

APT’s ice blast machine cleaning system is particularly advantageous to industries using hot-moulding techniques – moulds can be cleaned in-place, resulting in greater productivity. It is also widely used in the printing industry. You can operate right up to the moment our team arrive and restart again as soon as they’re finished using the dry ice blasting machine. We work during unsocial hours and around you to ensure that disruption to your organisation is minimised.

We have a nationwide coverage for our mobile dry ice blasting service, which will save you searching for “dry ice blast uk” or “dry ice blasting near me”. Our dry ice blasting machines and dry ice blasting equipment is always the highest quality, and we ensure that you’re happy with the work we have completed before the job is finished. For more information on our dry ice blasting cost UK and to understand more about whether our optimum dry ice blasting service could benefit your business, please get in touch with us.

Blast cleaning, also known as abrasive blasting, is a technique that propels high-velocity abrasive materials to remove surface contaminants and coatings. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Effective surface cleaning: Blast cleaning efficiently removes rust, paint, scale, dirt, and other contaminants from various surfaces.

  2. Versatile: It can be used on metal, concrete, wood, and more, making it applicable to different surfaces.

  3. Surface restoration: Blast cleaning restores surfaces by removing old coatings and imperfections, preparing them for refinishing or painting.

  4. Improved adhesion: It enhances the adhesion of new coatings or finishes by creating a clean and roughened surface.

  5. Time and cost-efficient: Blast cleaning is a quick and efficient method for cleaning large or complex surfaces, saving time and reducing overall costs.

  6. Environmentally friendly: Eco-friendly options like biodegradable or recyclable abrasives can be used, minimizing waste production.

  7. Non-destructive: It removes contaminants without damaging the underlying surface when performed by professionals with proper techniques.

  8. Safety and hygiene: Blast cleaning effectively removes hazardous substances like lead-based paint or mold, promoting a safer environment.

Professional expertise is crucial to ensure proper technique, material selection, and safety precautions.

Blast cleaning, also known as abrasive blasting, is a process that utilises high-velocity abrasive materials to clean and prepare surfaces. The process involves propelling abrasive particles, such as sand, glass beads, or steel grit, at high pressure onto the surface to remove contaminants, coatings, rust, and other unwanted substances.

The abrasive particles impact the surface, effectively dislodging and stripping away the unwanted materials. This process provides thorough cleaning, restores surfaces, improves adhesion for new coatings, and can be applied to various surfaces. Proper equipment, abrasive selection, and safety precautions are essential for successful blast cleaning.

For more information about our blast cleaning process, contact one of our expert team today!

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Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals is a trusted UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialist cleaning chemicals with over 30 years of experience, serving some of the UK’s largest businesses including the NHS, BAE systems, Tata Steel, the BBC and more.

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