Client – Private Client – Maggie Hawkins
Project – Classic Car Restoration, Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

Meet Maggie Hawkins, a passionate classic car enthusiast with a treasured possession—a vintage automobile that had seen better days. Seeking to breathe new life into her beloved classic car, Maggie embarked on a journey of restoration. APT, renowned for their expertise in restoring timeless beauty, stepped in to provide a solution. This case study unveils the meticulous process APT employed to execute a flawless classic car restoration, ensuring that Maggie’s vintage car gem would once again shine with its former allure.

Maggie Hawkins cherished her classic car, but the passage of time had taken its toll on the vehicle’s appearance. To restore the car to its former glory, a comprehensive classic car restoration was required. The primary challenge of this classic car restoration was to strip away all layers of paint, creating a clean canvas for future repairs and repainting as part of the refurbishment program. Maggie needed a solution that would preserve the car’s authenticity while preparing it for a fresh coat of paint.

How did we approach it?

APT’s approach to classic car restoration combines technical finesse with a deep understanding of the client’s desires. The project began with thorough consultations, involving Maggie and the spray shop manager. This collaboration ensured that the desired finish and timescales were mutually agreed upon, setting the stage for a successful restoration process.

What was the solution?

APT’s restoration solution combined precision, technology, and careful planning. The chosen method to address the paint stripping challenge was the soda blast technique, accompanied by N02 car stripper soda. Our dedicated soda blasting arm provide exceptional results for clients. This approach aimed to effectively strip all layers of paint from the classic car’s surface while ensuring that it was prepared for the upcoming repair and repainting stages. The soda blasting process used a Vortex II Blast Nozzle N05 at low pressure, around 2-3 bar, to guarantee the removal of unwanted paint without causing any damage or warping to the car’s large panels.

What was the outcome?

The synergy between APT’s expertise and Maggie’s aspirations yielded remarkable results. The classic car’s exterior was expertly stripped of all top and base coat paint, leaving behind a clean and ready canvas for further refinements. The soda blast method proved to be effective, efficiently removing layers of paint without compromising the car’s structural integrity. The careful execution of the process ensured that the classic car’s timeless beauty remained intact, setting the stage for its rejuvenation.

Client Testimonial

“Andrew, I would like to very much thank you and your team for an excellent job on my pride and joy, TR4. The boys Julian and Dan, worked very hard to get the job finished and nothing was too much trouble for them. I will send you through photos when the car is complete. Please feel free to add to your website and ask any other clients to ring me for recommendation.

Maggie Hawkins – Private Client

Work with us

For individuals seeking to revive the splendor of vintage automobiles, APT offers a trusted hand in classic car restoration. Our commitment to blending modern techniques with the authenticity of classic aesthetics ensures that your cherished vehicle can relive its glory days. If you’re on the path to restoring a classic car, connect with APT today. Allow us to embark on this journey with you, preserving the past for the enjoyment of generations to come.

In conclusion, the partnership between APT and Maggie Hawkins exemplifies the art of classic car restoration. This case study showcases APT’s dedication to preserving the essence of vintage vehicles through meticulous processes, careful planning, and the utilization of advanced restoration techniques.