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Steam Cleaning

Hot Box - Doff Super Heated Steam Cleaning

Super-heated steam cleaning is the sensitive way to provide steam cleaning of exterior buildings. APT are façade cleaning experts covering nationwide for your building steam cleaning requirements.

Super-Heated Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning systems are used for gentle cleaning and restoration of all conservation projects and building cleaning since they produce highly effective results. Super-heated steam cleaning can be used on all substrate materials of exterior buildings to kill moss, remove algae and other unsightly stains or graffiti. This exterior building cleaning method uses very low pressure, super-heated high steam of up to 120 degrees to remove all unwanted surface contaminants from bricks, stone, marble, masonry and building cladding. Cleaning buildings with super-heated steam allows the surface to dry quickly and avoids the use of high-pressure jetting where water droplets are forced and driven into any porous surface which can become frozen in harsh winter periods, causing damage years later.

Low pressure super-heated steam cleaning works to remove:

  • Algae

  • Moss

  • Unsightly stains

  • Graffiti

  • Paints

This all-in-one exterior building façade cleaning method is suitable for use on all types of surfaces, removing years of atmospheric deposits without causing damage to the host material.  We believe super-heated steam cleaning systems for building cleaning are the ideal cost-effective solution. Our newly launched low pressure super-heated steam cleaning system has the attributes of the doff stone cleaning system and Tork type cleaning but with added higher steam values, extra control allowing more stable consistent delivery of steam over longer hose runs.

This tried and tested method allow us to achieve excellent results, even on the most difficult embedded contamination. Unlike traditional methods (brick cleaning acids, high pressure water cleaning and harsh brick cleaning chemicals), our unique super-heated steam cleaning services do not damage the surface materials and restore your buildings to what they once were!

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. 

A powerful non-solvent graffiti remover used to remove deep and difficult shadowing that can be left after initial graffiti removal. It can also be used to remove aged graffiti staining.

A professional, concentrated algae cleaner that kills spores on contact; it is known UK wide as one of the best algae removers.

Acid Brick Cleaner

Extra strength, industrial brick acid, rust and limescale remover and acid descaler. Highly concentrated formula is the best on the market. 

Kills algae spore which helps reduce & retard the re-growth of mould, algae, and fungi.  Formulated with a thought to the environment, it is fully biodegradable and phosphate-free.

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