Renewing Your Building’s Appearance with Specialised Rendering Cleaning Products in Cardiff

The exterior of commercial and industrial properties are exposed to harsh weather conditions, leading to the growth of algae and moss on the walls. However, choosing the wrong equipment or cleaning methods can lead to discoloration or even damage to the surface of the building render, leaving a more noticeable eyesore than the growth itself. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a specialist rendering cleaning company that can guarantee the preservation of the render.

At APT-ICC, we have conducted extensive research to identify the most efficient and effective way to remove algae and moss from rendered surfaces in Cardiff without causing any damage to the render. Our team of experts uses a range of specialized cleaning products and equipment to deliver exceptional results for your building’s exterior.

The Importance of Using Specialised Rendering Cleaning Products

The use of specialised rendering cleaning products is crucial to ensure that the cleaning process is thorough and effective. At APT-ICC, we use a range of specialized cleaning products, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of renders. Using the right product helps us to deliver outstanding results while preserving the integrity of the render.

APT’s Algae Free Product for Rendering Cleaning

Our Algae Free product is specially formulated to kill off biological organisms such as algae and moss, ensuring that the underlying render is ready to be washed down. This product is perfect for properties that have experienced significant buildup of algae and moss.

K-Rend Cleaning Product

For properties that have a K-Rend finish, we use a specialised cleaning product that is designed to be gentle on the surface while effectively removing any buildup of algae and moss. The silicone technology used in K-Rend has a high degree of water repellence, resulting in a drier finish that is more resistant to algae growth. Using our rendering cleaning product, Bio Clean will not only clean down the surface but won’t result in any further damage to the appearance of your commercial or industrial property.

Low-Pressure Washers

At APT-ICC, we use low-pressure washers to clean rendered surfaces. This specialised equipment allows us to deliver thorough cleaning without causing any damage to the render. Using a low-pressure washer ensures that the surface is cleaned without stripping away the render’s surface layer.

Super Heated Steam Cleaning

In addition to our low-pressure washing technique, we also use steam cleaning to remove stubborn stains and grime. This method is particularly effective for K-Rend surfaces, where a low-power steam washing technique is recommended to clean down the surface without causing any damage.

Our Cleaning Process

At APT-ICC, we follow a tried and tested cleaning process that ensures that the render is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage. Here is what you can expect from our rendering cleaning services:

Assessment of the Property

We begin our cleaning process by conducting an assessment of the property to determine the type of render, the extent of the buildup, and the most effective cleaning methods to use.

Use of Specialised Cleaning Products

Once we have assessed the property, we use our specialised cleaning products to remove any buildup of algae and moss from the surface. We then use our low-pressure washers to clean the rendered surface, removing any remaining dirt or grime. In cases where stubborn stains remain, we use steam cleaning to remove them. Finally, we clean down the surface of the building with our specialized low-pressure washers, leaving the rendered surface looking clean, fresh, and inviting.


At APT-ICC, we take pride in our rendering cleaning services in Cardiff. We understand that the exterior of your commercial or industrial property is essential for making a positive first impression on visitors and clients. Our specialized cleaning products, equipment, and techniques ensure that your building’s exterior is transformed into its original beauty without causing any.

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