Client – Ian Chandler, Pond House
Project – Residential Render Cleaning Services, Algae Removal, Super-Heated Steam Cleaning

What did the client need?

In the picturesque landscape of suburban living, Pond House stands as an elegant residential complex owned by Ian Chandler. The pristine white K render that adorned the exterior of the complex was a testament to its beauty. However, the passage of time and exposure to the elements had taken a toll, leaving behind traces of algae and surface contaminants that marred its once-immaculate appearance. Ian Chandler reached out to APT, a trusted name in restoration and render cleaning services, seeking a solution to restore Pond House’s grandeur.

The client, Ian Chandler, faced a dual challenge. Firstly, he needed a comprehensive solution to rid the exterior K render of Pond House from unsightly algae and surface contaminants that had accumulated over time. These blemishes were particularly prominent due to the complex’s pristine white color. Secondly, Ian required the white K rendered barrier wall to be stripped of paint that had lost its allure, while ensuring the process didn’t cause damage to the underlying surface. Moreover, Ian aimed to shield his property’s exteriors from future staining by applying a protective and breathable waterproof coating.

How did we approach it?

We recognised the complexity of the render cleaning services task at hand and crafted a meticulous plan of action. Our render cleaning services team harnessed a range of specialised equipment, including steam cleaning systems, soda blasting tools, algae cleaning and algae removal chemical solutions, and state-of-the-art coating spraying equipment. These specialist cleaning systems are regularly used in our render cleaning services projects.

Our approach to render cleaning services began with a systematic top-down strategy. We accessed high-level areas using a cherry picker, allowing us to begin from the roof and work our way downward. To eliminate contaminants and restore the white brilliance of the K render, we sprayed the affected areas with our potent algae-free solution. This step was followed by a thorough steam cleaning process, which effectively rejuvenated the render, bringing back its original luster.

To address the paint-clad barrier wall, we employed our expertise in soda blasting. This eco-friendly blast cleaning technique enabled us to efficiently remove the paint without causing any harm to the underlying structure. Once the paint was eradicated, we meticulously cleaned up any residual traces and prepared the surface for the next step.

As always, we consulted with our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals for the most suitable algae removal product. We used the following products to remove algae and clean the building:

Algae Cleaner – Algae Free: a powerful concentrated algae cleaner renowned throughout the UK as one of the top algae removers. Specifically formulated, this professional-grade algae cleaner swiftly eradicates spores upon contact, delivering exceptional results. Used in projects for RAF, Travelodge, Vue Cinema & many more.

Exterior Building Render Cleaner – Bio Clean: is versatile exterior building render cleaner, suitable for use in pressure washers. Used in projects for companies like, Cardiff City Council, Torfaen Council & many more.

What was the solution?

APT’s solution on this render cleaning services project was a combination of expert cleaning methodologies and advanced protective coatings. After thoroughly cleansing the K render and barrier wall, we applied a high-quality waterproof coating that not only enhanced the exterior’s resilience but also allowed it to breathe. This coating acted as a barrier against future staining, ensuring Pond House maintained its renewed brilliance for years to come.

What was the outcome?

Using our render cleaning services, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Ian Chandler’s Pond House regained its former splendor, with the white K render gleaming once more in the sunlight. The eradication of algae and surface contaminants rendered the complex’s exterior as fresh as the day it was constructed. The barrier wall, once burdened by old paint, now exhibited a clean and inviting appearance. Our application of the protective waterproof coating offered Ian peace of mind, knowing that his property would remain resistant to staining and deterioration.

Work with us

Are you seeking to restore the allure of your property’s exterior just like Ian Chandler did with Pond House? APT’s dedicated render cleaning services bring life back to faded surfaces and protect against future damage. With our specialised techniques and premium coatings, we ensure your property stands the test of time while exuding timeless elegance. Contact APT today to unveil the full potential of your property’s exterior.

In conclusion, Ian Chandler’s journey with APT to revitalise Pond House showcases how professional render cleaning services can breathe new life into residential complexes. Our tailored approach, advanced equipment, and commitment to excellence lead to outcomes that exceed expectations. If you’re in search of a trusted partner for cleaning and restoration, APT stands ready to bring your vision to life.