APT Client - VUE Cinemas
Client – Vue CinemaCwmbran, Wales
Project – Clean Render – K Render Cleaning – Stone Cleaning – Pathway Cleaning

What did the client need?

Torfaen Borough Council, a prominent local authority committed to enhancing the region’s aesthetics and public spaces, partnered with APT to address a pressing concern at Vue Cinema in Cwmbran, Wales. The cinema’s building structure had suffered from unsightly algae growth on its K Render surfaces, detracting from its visual appeal and overall visitor experience. Eager to restore the cinema’s facade and uphold the town’s charm, Torfaen Borough Council sought APT’s expertise in clean render solutions.

Vue Cinema in Cwmbran, under the jurisdiction of Torfaen Borough Council, required immediate clean render services to combat the persistent algae growth on its K Render surfaces. The cinema’s facade was marred by the unsightly presence of algae, compromising its visual attractiveness and public perception. Recognizing the cinema’s significance as a local entertainment hub, the client sought an efficient solution to restore the building’s exterior to its pristine condition and ensure a pleasant environment for visitors.

How did we approach Clean Render?

APT’s approach to clean render at Vue Cinema involved a detailed assessment and meticulous planning. Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruptions to cinema-goers and maintaining a safe environment, we worked closely with Torfaen Borough Council to devise a flexible project strategy. Given the busy nature of the cinema and surrounding areas, including busy walkways, our team carefully scheduled the clean rendering process to avoid peak hours, prioritizing visitor comfort and safety.

Suggested Improvements:

  • To remove unsightly algae growth from all K-Rend surfaces and clean render.
  • To remove moss and algae from pedestrian pathways.
  • To clean stone and masonry to remove efflorescence staining.
  • To enhance visual appearance and visitor experience.

What was the solution?

During the clean render project, we conducted a comprehensive property survey in collaboration with the client management team, discussing various options and approaches, including public traffic and safety management. We meticulously devised a detailed project plan and liaised closely with the onsite team to minimise disruptions to the public and traders. Adhering to specifications, we hired lift access equipment and coordinated with Road and Highways departments for seamless execution.

To ensure an optimal finish, we performed test area samples before proceeding with the K Rend cleaning. Utilising our specialised cleaning solution, provided by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals, Algae Free, we effectively treated the affected surfaces. Employing a low-pressure, super-heated steam cleaning, we carefully removed stubborn algae to preserve the K Render coating.

Additionally, we employed soda blasting to effectively eliminate staining and graffiti from stone surfaces. The pathways were treated to remove moss, following treatment with high-pressure jet washing, resulting in a comprehensive and successful clean render outcome.

What was the outcome?

With meticulous planning, expert execution, and the effective application of our clean render solutions, APT successfully restored Vue Cinema’s facade to its former glory. Torfaen Borough Council was thrilled with the remarkable outcome, as the cinema’s visual appeal was significantly enhanced, positively impacting public enjoyment and perception. Vue Cinema in Cwmbran regained its status as a prominent local landmark, welcoming visitors with a fresh and immaculate exterior. As a trusted partner in maintaining the aesthetics of Torfaen, APT continues to deliver reliable clean render solutions that elevate the charm and allure of public spaces in the borough.

Client Testimonial

“To all concerned, APT carried out a tremendous job to remove and clean all the algae staining from the commercial centre under difficult circumstances involving the movement of public, this was managed and delivered without incident thanks to all at APT.”

Mr. Russel – Head Surveyor, Heyward Properties

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