APT Client - Jamestown
Client – James Town Ltd
Project – Mould Cleaning – Algae Removal

What did the client need?

Our client, James Town Ltd, approached us with a specific need for removing black mould from all damp shower areas within their exterior shower building. The client sought a comprehensive solution that would effectively eliminate the mould and prevent its regrowth. This case study highlights our approach to the mould cleaning process, the solution implemented using our own product, Ultraclean MB and steam cleaning methods, and the successful outcome achieved.

The client required thorough mould cleaning services for their exterior shower building. The presence of black mould in the damp shower areas was a concern, both in terms of aesthetics and health considerations. The client desired a solution that would not only remove the existing mould but also prevent its regrowth, ensuring a clean and safe environment for their users.

How did we approach it?

To address the client’s mould cleaning needs, we employed a specialised approach using our expertise and advanced equipment. Our team utilised specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment specifically designed for effective mould removal.

Our cleaning chemicals are supplied by our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. They are eco-friendly, surface-safe and approved to British Standards. Having used these products for over 30 years, in a wide variety of settings, we know the right product to use for best results, every time.

What was the solution?

Our solution for mould cleaning involved the use of Ultraclean MB, our own specially formulated product, in combination with steam cleaning systems. Ultraclean MB is a powerful chemical designed to kill mould spurs and prevent their regrowth. It effectively targets and eliminates mould at its source, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting cleaning outcome.

We applied Ultraclean MB to the affected areas, allowing it to penetrate and kill the mould spurs. This step was followed by the use of steam cleaning systems to remove any remaining traces of mould and ensure a deep and thorough cleaning. Steam cleaning provided an additional layer of effectiveness in removing mould and sanitizing the shower areas.

By employing our specialist cleaning methods and the powerful combination of Ultraclean MB and steam, we were able to achieve a true removal of the mould. Our solution not only eliminated the visible mould but also addressed the underlying cause, effectively preventing its regrowth.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of our mould cleaning process was highly successful. We successfully killed the mould spurs, ensuring their complete removal from the affected areas. The use of Ultraclean MB, in conjunction with steam cleaning, provided a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for the client’s mould issue.

By eliminating the mould spurs, we effectively prevented their regrowth, providing the client with the assurance of a clean and mould-free shower environment. The outcome not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring the exterior shower building was restored to a safe and hygienic state.

Conclusion: Through the use of our specialist product, Ultraclean MB, and the application of steam cleaning systems, we successfully addressed the client’s mould cleaning requirements for their exterior shower building. Our solution effectively killed the mould spurs, providing a true removal and preventing their regrowth.

The outcome of our mould cleaning process ensured a clean and mould-free environment, meeting the client’s needs and ensuring the well-being of their users. Our commitment to delivering effective and long-lasting cleaning solutions, combined with our specialized expertise, made a significant difference in resolving the mould issue.

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