APT Client - Transport for London
Client – Transport for London (TFL), West Hampstead Overground Station
Project – Industrial Steam Cleaning (Super Heated Steam Cleaning)

What did the client need?

West Hampstead Overground Station required industrial steam cleaning (superheated steam cleaning) services for the concourse floors in both the paved and unpaved areas, as well as the footbridge. The client needed a thorough and efficient cleaning solution that would enable them to open the concourse during busy periods and approached us at APT for help.

As a provider of industrial steam cleaning (often referred to as doff cleaning), our industrial steam cleaners provided a thorough site survey and quotation for the industrial steam cleaning works. This case study outlines how we approached the industrial steam cleaning project, the solutions we implemented, and the successful outcome achieved.

The client, West Hampstead Overground Station, as part of Transport for London, had specific requirements for industrial steam cleaning services. They needed the concourse floors in both the paved and unpaved areas, as well as the footbridge, to be thoroughly cleaned. The primary objective was to ensure a clean and safe environment for passengers and staff while maintaining the station’s operational efficiency.

How did we approach it?

One of the main challenges of this job was how busy the overground station was on a daily basis. When scheduling the job we had to work closely with the client to understand less busy times in which the cleaning could take place to avoid disruption to the line for its passengers.

To effectively address the client’s commercial cleaning needs, we decided to schedule the cleaning work during off-peak hours when the station would be less crowded. This approach allowed us to minimise disruption to passengers and staff, creating a quieter and safer working environment.

Prior to starting the works, we conducting a thorough site survey and provided a detailed risk assessment for the safety of our client, passengers and our team of industrial steam cleaners.

What was the solution?

To ensure the safety of the public and our cleaning crew, we cordoned off the working area using appropriate signage and barriers. This helped prevent access to the cleaning zone and ensured the cleaning process could be carried out smoothly and without interference.

To achieve the desired level of cleanliness, we employed a combination of manual aids, chemical cleaning agents, and superheated steam cleaning technology. The use of manual aids allowed us to tackle stubborn stains and dirt that required extra attention. Additionally, we carefully selected appropriate cleaning chemicals to effectively remove any deep-seated grime or stains.

Our cleaning chemical products are produced in-house at our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals, the products are eco-friendly and approved to British Standards. Finally, superheated steam cleaning was utilised to provide a powerful and environmentally friendly method of sanitising and disinfecting the surfaces.

What was the outcome?

By following our planned approach and employing the right cleaning methods, we were able to complete the superheated steam cleaning project to the client’s satisfaction. The concourse floors in both the paid and unpaid areas, as well as the footbridge, were thoroughly cleaned and restored to a high standard.

The successful completion of the cleaning project allowed the client to open the concourse during busy periods with confidence. Passengers and staff could now enjoy a clean and hygienic environment, promoting a positive experience at West Hampstead Overground Station.

Through careful planning, effective use of resources, and a combination of manual aids, cleaning agents, and superheated steam cleaning technology, we were able to deliver a satisfactory cleaning solution for West Hampstead Overground Station. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction ensured a successful outcome, allowing the station to operate smoothly and maintain high standards of cleanliness for its visitors and staff.

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