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Commercial Warehouse Floor Cleaning Companies, Cardiff

APT industrial flooring contractors offer a wide range of flooring solutions to a whole variety of business’s throughout the UK. It is our job to offer you the most cost effective method and we base this advice on our free site survey. We use the most up to date methods, equipment and materials from epoxy resins to cement pumping systems.

Good surface preparation is key prior to any floor repair and renovation and application.
APT concrete flooring contractors are at the forefront of commercial flooring technology.

Our operatives are trained in a number of specialist techniques associated with industrial Floor Preparation including:

Stripping – Scarification–Blasting – Diamond Grinding – Uplifting Screed and Asphalt – Renovation – Restoration – Cleaning

Our industrial flooring contractors operate in car parks, retail, schools, warehouses, factories and the like.

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Floor PrepAration

Our Floor Preparation service covers areas such as: Altro Flooring – Brick – Ceramic – Concrete – Granite – Limestone Concrete Floor Preparation – Marble – Natural Stone – Terracotta – Terrazzo – Vinyl – Wooden – We can prepare various types of surfaces for laying concrete floors even if your concrete floor is uneven or seems like an unsuitable surface. We use cutting and planning machines to carry out the task. Our soda blasting is also a quick and easy way of Concrete Floor Preparation ready for coating or painting.

Surface PrepAration

Surface preparation for painting – it goes without saying that surface preparation is the most important factor in ensuring that the end result is completed to satisfaction. All contamination, cement laitance and coatings MUST be completely removed before painting begins; we have witnessed so many jobs where this part of the practice has been overlooked with the end result being none less than perfect. We use the latest equipment and products to remove a wide variety of coatings such as paint markings, glues and resins from roads, sports grounds, commercial and industrial floors. We level uneven surfaces; we mill concrete floors, asphalt and resin.