Clean equipment and factories are vital to ensure efficient and safe operations and maintaining overall cleanliness in factories and warehouses. Unclean and untidy factories can result in the development of hazardous conditions that can cause accidents, illness and even death.

In addition, not clean equipment, machinery and workspaces can cause downtime and reduce productivity. To avoid such consequences, it is important to hire an experienced factory and equipment cleaning company equipped with top-notch cleaning equipment and appropriate cleaning products.

This article discusses how APT, a factory cleaning & clean equipment specialist in Leeds, provides efficient and cost-effective factory cleaning services, utilising top-notch clean equipment solutions to meet the diverse cleaning needs of its clients.

Challenges for Clean Equipment

Factory cleaning can be a challenging task due to the large area that needs cleaning, and the different types of surfaces that require different cleaning methods. Furthermore, factories contain various hazardous materials that need to be cleaned in a safe manner to prevent harm to workers, the environment and the equipment. As such, factory cleaning requires specialised equipment and skills that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary cleaning companies.

APT’s Specialisation in Clean Equipment & Clean Factories

APT is a specialist factory cleaning company that provides efficient and effective cleaning services for factories of all sizes. With 30 years of experience in the industry, APT has acquired the skills and expertise required to handle a wide range of factory cleaning challenges. APT’s team of qualified cleaners are trained to meet the diverse cleaning needs of its clients while ensuring the highest levels of safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

APT provides an extensive range of factory cleaning services including machinery cleaning, high-level cleaning, duct cleaning, and decontamination. APT’s cleaning equipment is state-of-the-art, and its team is fully equipped with the latest cleaning tools and technology to provide a fast and thorough cleaning service.

Our range of factory cleaning services cover concrete, metal, tarmac, machinery, silos and tanks, as well as cladding, roofs, skylights, and gutters. Furthermore, APT has experience in installing bird netting, renovating facades, repainting machinery, walls and floors, and completely refurbishing factories.

We work closely seeking the advice of our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals who provide us with specialist cleaning chemicals. As a manufacturer of super-concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, they’re specially formulated to clean equipment and clean factories, machinery and all associated surfaces.

Efficient and Effective Equipment Cleaning Services

APT’s team of highly qualified and experienced cleaning professionals have the skills and expertise required to provide efficient and effective factory cleaning services. They are well trained in using the latest cleaning equipment, and the company ensures that all cleaning staff adhere to strict safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, APT’s management team plans all tasks in accordance with its Method Statements and Risk Assessments, ensuring that all tasks are completed within deadlines, especially during maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns where downtime has to be limited.

Customised Cleaning Plan

APT understands that each facility is different and has unique cleaning requirements. As such, the company provides customised cleaning plans tailored to the specific needs of each factory.

APT’s team of experts will assess the factory’s cleaning requirements and come up with a cleaning plan that covers all work surfaces, floors, ceilings, and equipment. The cleaning plan will consider the timing requirements so that APT’s workers will not disrupt the operations of the factory and have as little downtime as possible.

Top-Notch Cleaning Equipment

APT is equipped with top-notch cleaning equipment that is essential for efficient and effective factory cleaning. The company invests heavily in its cleaning equipment to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality cleaning services. APT’s range of cleaning equipment includes industrial vacuums, high-pressure washers, scrubbers, and other specialized cleaning tools that are necessary to clean a wide range of surfaces and equipment.

Furthermore, APT’s cleaning equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it operates at its optimal level and delivers the best results.

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