APT Client - Tata Steel
Client – Zodiac Coating Plant, part of Tata Steel
Project – Oil Spill Cleaners – Extreme Clean

What did the client need?

The Zodiac Galvanising Coating Plant, now Tata Steel faced significant challenges with their maintenance process in the centrifuge tower and oil bund areas. Down-day maintenance was proving to be costly and ineffective, impacting their production schedules and financial targets. APT‘s oil spill cleaner specialist stepped in with an innovative approach to tackle these issues and improve the efficiency of their maintenance operations.

The client required an effective and time-efficient maintenance solution for the centrifuge tower and oil bund areas in their coating plant. The existing contract cleaners were causing delays due to various reasons, such as poorly trained personnel, reliance on hire equipment, and casual labor, leading to disruptions in planned maintenance activities and production schedules. Our specialist oil spill cleaners were able to help.

How did we approach it?

APT, a leader in industrial cleaning solutions, proactively addressed the challenges faced by the Zodiac galvanizing coating plant. Through thorough discussions and a comprehensive site survey, we gained valuable insights into the client’s specific needs. By identifying the root causes of costly delays and ineffective maintenance in the centrifuge tower and oil bund areas, we devised a strategic plan.

Working hand-in-hand with the plant’s engineers and safety department, APT designed a tailored maintenance program to optimise operations during the oil spill cleaners. We provided skilled personnel equipped with company-owned equipment, enabling us to commence work immediately during plant shutdowns. This proactive approach minimized downtime and achieved remarkable improvements in maintenance efficiency and cleaning standards.

The outcome of APT’s efforts was highly successful, with significant enhancements in the plant’s operation and safety levels. Our collaboration also resulted in a reduction in lost production and lowered the overall cost of the contract cleaning service. APT’s commitment to creating a safer working environment for both the client and contracted staff yielded remarkable results. For exceptional oil spill cleaning and industrial maintenance solutions, trust APT’s expertise and experience.

What was the solution?

APT proposed an alternative approach to the clean-up and maintenance process. We devised a planned maintenance and cleaning program that would operate in parallel with the plant’s engineering team. Our oil spill cleaners use company-owned equipment and trained personnel were made available to carry out the works immediately after the plant shutdown.

Additionally, APT worked closely with the on-site engineering team to reassemble machinery that had been dismantled during the cleaning process. By minimising downtime and improving efficiency, we sought to enhance the overall maintenance operations in the coating plant.

What was the outcome?

After just three maintenance down-days, APT achieved a remarkable improvement in the required standard of operation and cleaning levels. The implementation of our planned maintenance program led to a significant reduction in lost production time and a decrease in the cost of the contract cleaning service provided.

By collaborating closely with the plant’s engineers, we were able to address issues promptly and ensure smoother machinery reassembly, further reducing downtime. The client benefited from a safer working environment, both for their own staff and contracted personnel, as our skilled team executed the maintenance tasks with precision.

The successful outcome of the project also included the establishment of additional measures to optimize long-term maintenance operations. APT’s oil spill cleaner proved instrumental in tackling the grease spillages and debris, which had previously been challenging for the contract cleaners to manage effectively.

APT’s innovative approach and dedication to understanding the client’s needs led to significant improvements in the Zodiac Galvanising Coating Plant’s maintenance process. By implementing a planned maintenance program and providing skilled personnel, we achieved outstanding results in a shorter time frame, enhancing the plant’s efficiency and safety. The success of this project showcases APT’s expertise in oil spill cleaning and our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions for our clients’ industrial cleaning requirements.

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