30 Years

Commercial Painting Contractor

Commercial Painting Contractor

Dedicated to providing painting to commercial businesses, helping to revitalise your exterior building’s appearance. For over 30 years, we have been supporting organisations nationwide with the appearance of their buildings.

Revitalise your Businesses Appearance with our Commercial Painting Contractors

APT has a specialised division of Commercial Painters with extensive experience in the industry. Our industrial Painters cover all areas of industrial and Commercial Painting from painting bridges and architectural monuments, to paint spraying of large industrial units and line marking of tennis courts.

Our Commercial Painters and our Industrial Painters are well versed in all matters of health and safety, quality and customer care. APT Industrial Painters have worked in both large and small establishments such as Doncaster’s Engineering, Carillion, Wilmott Dixon, MOD sites, Private Schools, Hotels and Corus to name a few.  Our professional approach and commitment to perfection keeps our customers coming back and recommending us time and time again.

A full site survey is carried out by our Specialist Paint Manager to ascertain the substrate, assess your working environment and discuss any remedial works that may need to be implemented before the painting can go ahead. APT Commercial Painting Contractors can undertake all the remedial works, should you wish us to. As your painting contractor we provide a detailed report and a full breakdown quote.

Flexible Timing Year Round

APTs Commercial Painting Contractors know how important it is not to effect the working environment; therefore we consult with you to establish the most appropriate schedules to suit your business. 

Our painting contractors work closely with our suppliers, whom themselves are experts in their field and we consult with the technical department before we undertake any task. Our suppliers carry a huge range of standard and specialised paintings and coatings and are more than happy to provide technical information. 

Before a surface is painted it is normal for it to be cleaned; it is imperative that the surface preparation to be painted is cleaned with the correct products and application in order to maintain the paintwork and to provide a professional finish. This is where APT can offer expert advice, having been in the specialised cleaning business for over 25 years.

Specialist Services Available

  • Exterior Painting 

  • Industrial & Deep Cleaning

  • Paint Stripping

  • Soda Blasting 

  • Floor Stripping & Cleaning

  • Line Removal

  • Paint Spraying

  • Floor Painting  

  • Marking 

  • Pressure Washing 

  • Interior Painting 

  • Non-Slip Paint

  • Specialised Protective Coating 

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years.

Food safe versatile non-caustic alkaline all metal cleaner, degreaser and decarboniser. We designed it specifically for cleaning aluminum and to degrease and emulsify surface build up in the the food industries.

A unique blend of mineral oils, dewatering agents, anti corrosion, anti wear and rust preventing compounds dissolved in solvents with a high dielectric strength.

The ultimate food safe, super concentrated cleaner for use in all circumstances and industries. It is used in a multitude of organisations for a wide variety of tasks.

A super concentrated commercial detergent with an advanced blend of surfactants. Rapidly cuts through grease, oil and food residues to leave your crockery and glassware sparkling clean.

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