APT Client - Abingdon Flooring
Client – Abingdon FlooringNewport, Wales
Project – Industrial Cleaning & Commercial Painting

What did the client need?

Abingdon Flooring, a manufacturing company based in Newport, South Wales who specialise in carpet production, faced a critical need for thorough industrial cleaning and degreasing services. Their steelwork, which supported the essential coils in their machinery, had become heavily burdened with years’ worth of dust residues and grease elements. In addition to the cleaning requirements, the client also sought a comprehensive commercial painting job for the steelwork.

Our regular client, Abingdon Flooring realised that a fresh coat of paint could not only enhance the aesthetics of their production area but also protect the steel from corrosion and further wear. The client emphasised the urgency of completing the industrial cleaning and commercial painting project promptly as any extended machinery downtime would result in a significant loss of production capacity and potential revenue.

How did we approach it?

Cleaning and Degreasing: With over 100sq/m of metal framework covered in years’ worth of dust residues and grease elements, we used the appropriate chemicals to ensure effective cleaning without causing any surface damage. Careful consideration was given to avoiding contamination during the process.

Preparation for Painting: Due to the age and signs of wear on the steelwork, thorough preparation was necessary before commencing the painting phase. This step was vital to ensure the paint adhered well and provided lasting results.

Efficient Timelines: Considering the client’s requirement to minimise machinery downtime, we worked diligently to complete the project precisely and within a short timeframe. The aim was to restore full production capabilities in the factory as soon as possible.

What was the solution?

To begin the process, we first tackled the removal of all spools, storing them in a meticulously organized line order. This strategic approach provided our team with unobstructed access to commence the industrial cleaning and degreasing services efficiently. Once the extensive cleaning process was successfully completed, we focused on thorough surface preparation, ensuring all signs of wear and corrosion were addressed. With meticulous attention to detail, we proceeded to initiate the commercial painting job, employing high-quality industrial-grade paint to achieve a flawless finish. Our comprehensive approach to cleaning, degreasing, and painting enabled us to transform the steelwork from its worn and grimy state to a rejuvenated and professionally restored appearance.

What was the outcome?

The transformation achieved through our services was truly remarkable and exceeded the client’s expectations. The once oppressive and gloomy spooling area of the factory was now a shining example of a well-maintained and vibrant working space. The newly painted steelwork not only enhanced the visual appeal of the factory but also provided added protection against environmental elements, ensuring increased longevity. 

The factory manager and the entire team were elated with the outcome, especially the flawless commercial painting job that brought a fresh and invigorating atmosphere to the production area. Moreover, with our efficient approach, we managed to complete the project within the stipulated timeline, thereby minimising machinery downtime and facilitating a seamless restoration of full production capacity in the factory.

Client Testimonial

“APT are no ordinary industrial cleaning company, they reacted immediately to our emergency. They think outside of the box and provide both long- and short-term solutions. It is very apparent when you speak to them that their wealth of knowledge within the business is to be credited. We are very grateful for the help APT provided.”

John Thomas – Finishing Manager

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