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APT are a professional commercial painting company that works with businesses like yours to revive properties nationwide. The exterior of your building is the first thing clients, staff and suppliers see, so keeping up appearances is often more important than its first thought to be. Commercial property maintenance is paramount to give off a good first impression. Commercial painting services come hand in hand with commercial property maintenance.

As a professional commercial painting company, APT provide a whole host of services. Alongside providing commercial property maintenance, we ensure that the job is completed in full and operate as a commercial painting company too so that you’re building is left restored back to its original state, or even better!

Our commercial painting company services can be invaluable for commercial properties. As tenants move on and building leases change, then commercial painting company painting services are needed to adapt to the buildings for new use. Alternatively, you may simply be looking for regular painting maintenance and upkeep to your commercial premises in Cardiff or surrounding nearby areas.

Investment in painting services for commercial properties helps to maintain the value of a building whilst ensuring that it looks clean and well-maintained. But with many companies offering painting services, it is advisable to hire a quality, professional commercial painting company.

Professional commercial painting companies will be experienced in ensuring that all surfaces are fully prepped ready before works starts. They will also normally work with specialised paint manufacturers to ensure that the most appropriate paint products are used for specific surface areas (which is particularly important for many external buildings).

Common Environments that benefit from our Commercial Painting Company Services:

Commercial Buildings and Offices
Commercial buildings and offices are busy places and usually can only close for a short period of time. Skilled painters can finish a painting job quickly without making a mess. They will work efficiently and quietly to get the job done with as little disturbance to your job site and employees as possible. They will also work out of hours where possible.

• Retail Stores
Professional commercial painting services can also be of benefit to retail outlets where appearance and colour schemes are all important.  Commercial painters will have experience in working in a retail environment, removing all stock and ensuring all fixtures and fittings are covered securely to avoid spatter or damage.

Commercial painting experts also have an understanding of structural build and the type of paint that should be applied to different surfaces. They are familiar with mixing complex paint blends and understand how to work with specialised paint products which is vital in a retail environment where specific colours may be required for uniformity of brand.

• Hospitals
Health and safety are absolute paramount when cleaning a hospital. All related areas will need to be cordoned off whilst the painting is taking place. It is always advisable to use hygienic and anti bacterial wall and ceiling paints; these paints have all been specifically manufactured to ensure that the spread of germs is kept to a minimum.

Industrial Painting in Cardiff and Nearby areas
Industrial jobs can range from painting equipment to painting floors and walls in large industrial spaces as well as external structures such as bridges. After many years of wear and tear in the workplace, painters are often called in to refresh floors, ceilings and exterior walls or to paint equipment for both safety and protection. They are also used for demarcation within the industrial environment. Industrial painting services are ideal for industrial businesses needing to improve due to Health and Safety issues or for those wanting to sell or renovate their businesses.

Industrial Painting Services in Cardiff
Industrial Floor Painting Services in Cardiff

Commercial painters will be used to working on scaffolding equipment and are familiar with indoor and outdoor structural painting. Whether it is a parking structure, industrial building, apartment block or any other commercial building or external structure, a professional organisation will be a capable of working on large and complex jobs.

Why use APT – Professional Commercial Painting Company?

APT have been tried and tested for over 30 years on numerous buildings and numerous industries nationwide. We paint for large blue-chip companies and smaller companies alike throughout Cardiff and surrounding areas. APT provide Commercial painting and industrial painting in Cardiff, The Vale of Glamorgan, Torfaen, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly and Newport. Contact us for more information on Commercial Cleaning Services, or to discuss Commercial Painting.