APT Client - Norma Group
Client – NormaNewburyWest Berkshire, UK
Project – Industrial Cleaning, Machinery Cleaning, Industrial Machine Painting

What did the client need?

Norma UK requested APT to tender for a programme of work which included industrial cleaning, machinery cleaning and machine painting (industrial painting). The specific cleaning objectives of the industrial cleaning and industrial machinery cleaning and machine painting project included:
  • Deep cleaning of tooling, metalworking, and machine heavy presses.
  • Repaint of the machinery in the new corporate colours, required in readiness of their visiting clients.

How did we approach it?

The challenge of this machinery cleaning and machine painting project was that the plant and machinery were in constant use with 6-day shift patterns, so the cleaning and painting schedule was tight and strict timelines had to be put in place and adhere to. Coordination and planning was paramount to avoid disruption to daily operations and thus prevent unnecessary downtime. This is always essential when cleaning industrial machinery in manufacturing plants.

What was the solution?

  • We surveyed the industrial machinery and provided proposals to our client Norma UK. At the site in Newbury, we discussed the cleaning options and recommended methods, including the specialised paint required and instructions for the Pantone colours for the machine painting.
  • To clean the industrial machinery, we recommended and then used specialised industrial degreasers, approved to British Standards and specifically designed for the industrial manufacturing sectors. These chemicals quickly break down and emulsify grease, oils and other surface contaminants to allow for washing and wiping off. Recommended chemicals were Ultramax 2020 and Citrus RTU.
  • After removing contaminants, our team of accredited industrial painters applied the specified paint to the machinery to reach the desired final finish.

What was the outcome?

The clients were delighted with the outcome of the industrial cleaning and machine painting project at their Newbury factory, which surpassed their expectations, they didn’t expect the machines could be renovated to such a high standard. Once the specialised commercial paint has been applied the industrial machinery was restored to as good as new.

APT now work in partnership with Norma and have been awarded further ongoing planned schedules of cleaning works to ensure further progression and upgrading of other areas and machines within the manufacturing production facility.

As part of our ongoing partnership, APT have demonstrated to the client how to implement the Ultramax 2020 degreaser and Citrus RTU into their ongoing Kaizen cleaning programmes for weekly cleaning maintenance and floor cleaning tasks. This allows them to be able to keep their machinery in good working order, help prevents breakdowns and rust from corroding on the machines, thus saving costs all round.

Client Testimonial

“APT were engaged to carry out a demanding programme of industrial cleaning, plant machinery cleaning and commercial re-painting works. They have delivered excellent results clearly demonstrating their competence to deliver the required outcomes, we will continue to use their services to support our ongoing operations.”

Colin Holmes – Facilities Manager

Work with us

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