Client - Cup Ceramics Community
Client – CUP Ceramics
Project – Commercial Painting Services

What did the client need?

CUP Ceramics, an esteemed open access ceramic manufacturing company based in Hereford, UK, approached APT with a crucial project. The challenge at hand involved a 95-meter space that required complete surface preparation, cleaning, and re-painting. Recognising the significance of this undertaking, APT ‘s commercial painting services division collaborated closely with the client to develop a tailored solution that would deliver exceptional results while prioritising safety and efficiency.

CUP Ceramics sought professional assistance to revitalise their industrial space using our commercial painting services. The 95-metre area necessitated thorough surface preparation, cleaning, and a fresh coat of epoxy floor paint in a striking grey color, aligned with the client’s specifications. The commercial painting services project’s scope was vast, and the client needed a reliable and experienced partner to transform the space into a visually appealing and functional environment.

How did we approach it?

APT commenced the commercial painting services project by conducting comprehensive discussions with the client to understand their specific requirements and preferences. Based on these insights, our team formulated a well-defined plan of action and agreed upon suitable timelines for executing the project. With safety as a top priority, APT cordoned off the designated work areas, ensuring a secure working environment for all involved.

Employing cutting-edge mechanical means, we diligently cleaned and prepared the entire 95-meter flooring, ensuring the surface was primed for the subsequent painting process. By meticulously adhering to a systematic approach, we ensured maximum efficiency and minimised any potential disruptions to the client’s operations. We carry out this approach with all of our commercial painting services projects.

What was the solution?

To meet CUP Ceramics‘ objectives, APT followed a meticulous process. We began by preparing the surface through mechanical means, ensuring it was free from impurities and contaminants. This essential step set the foundation for flawless paint application and long-lasting results.

Next, we expertly applied two coats of two-pack epoxy floor paint in an elegant shade of grey, expertly matching the client’s specifications. The high-quality epoxy paint not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space but also added a durable layer of protection to withstand the rigors of industrial usage.

Recognising the significance of safety, we took measures to protect others in the vicinity. We carefully cordoned off the work areas, displayed visible hazard signage, and ensured that third parties and the public were well safeguarded during the entire project duration.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of APT’s professional surface preparation and commercial painting services left a lasting impact on CUP Ceramics, exceeding all expectations. The revitalized space now exudes an undeniable air of sophistication and functionality, perfectly translating the client’s initial vision into reality. CUP Ceramics expressed great satisfaction with the impeccable results achieved, which flawlessly matched the proposals presented by APT at the project’s outset.

The seamless coordination and expert execution throughout the project further solidified CUP Ceramics’ trust in APT’s capabilities. With every detail meticulously attended to, the transformation of the 95-metre space showcased the unwavering dedication and craftsmanship of APT’s team. The stringent adherence to safety measures emphasized APT’s commitment to ensuring a secure working environment for all involved, instilling confidence in CUP Ceramics and reaffirming APT’s status as a reliable and exemplary service provider in surface preparation and commercial painting.

This successful collaboration not only rejuvenated the space but also established a lasting partnership, with APT continuing to stand as a symbol of excellence and expertise in their field.

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