APT Client - Energizer - Cleaning Cladding
Client – Energiser Batteries, Ebbw Vale
Project – Cleaning Cladding in Ebbw Vale, Wales

What did the client need?

The exterior cladding to the factory was in severe need of an upgrade, the cladding was badly damaged by environmental pollutants with paint flaking off, making it look displeasing and run down. This was an image that the company wanted to avoid, as it can affect staff morale as well as creating a poor impression on clients. If cleaning cladding isn’t done and the property remain un-kept and integrity maintained, it can degrade costing more money in repairs in the long run.

APT are a specialist cladding cleaning company providing businesses across the UK with regular cladding cleaning for all types of cladding. Our cladding cleaning services remove dirt and grime, stubborn stains, using. variety of soft washing and pressure washing. The cleaning method does depend on the exterior of your building and provides long term results for your buildings cladding.

How did we approach it?

The full scope of the cleaning cladding and painting project was to:

  • Remove algae and flaking paint from steel cladding panels.
  • Remove surface rusting from selected steel panels and security window grills.
  • Replace broken glazing units.
  • Make minor repairs to exit doors and re-decorate.
  • Remove and clean algae from all pathways.
  • To re-paint with colour match paint the existing cladding panels.

Energizer Holdings, Inc is global company with headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It employs over 6,000 employees globally in more than 40 locations and distribution in more than 140 countries. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products, it is a global recognised brand. It has one of its manufacturing factories in Rassau, Ebbw Vale.

What was the solution for Cleaning Cladding?

APT’s Solution To The Cleaning Cleaning & Cladding Maintenance In Ebbw Vale

A full survey was carried out to inspect the cladding and severity of the surface. We discussed varying options for cleaning and APT’s approach to the job, including repairing rather than replacing the steel coated cladding and security grills.

On the front elevation we proposed that we use APT’s oscillating pressure washing and soda blasting system for cleaning cladding and stripping the defective and damaged steel cladding which was coated with paint. This cleaning cladding and paint removal system was approved by the client for an immediate start.

What Results Did APT Achieve For Energizer On Their Cleaning Cladding?

Using, the suggested specialist cleaning cladding process, our soda blasting team shot at below 2 bar pressure, using a specific vortex cleaning head to avoid harming the buildings substrate. Soda blasting is a perfect cleaning method for removing rust and old paint coatings from the cladding and metal window grills allowing for priming and re-coating. 

Our team stripped the side elevations from lose flaking paint using the oscillating wet blast method, this reduced the time taken to clean and rid the cladding of environmental pollutant build up thus saving on costs to the client.

Once the prime cleaning cladding objectives had been met to satisfaction, we treated the metal cladding with appropriate primers and re-coated in appropriate paints. The client wanted a match for match on the paint colours, we used our commercial supplier to agree a pantone colour to apply to the cladding.

Whilst on site at the Ebbw Vale factory, APT were requested to clear the gutters and roof valleys. To do this task, we used high level lift access equipment. To complete the cleaning cladding project, APT were also contracted to clean the pathways, car park and other areas covered with algae and grime, we treated the areas with APT’s Algae Free, a fast-acting algae and mo

The client was overwhelmed with the transformation to their Ebbw Vale building. What was once a tattered building, it had turned into an impressive workplace for clients, staff and visitors.

Client Testimonial

“After discussing the cladding cleaning and cladding painting project with three other companies, it was established that APT were the most helpful and by far the most experienced. They provided us with various alternatives which saved us thousands of pounds. The cladding cleaning at our Ebbw Vale plant was professionally planed and far exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the outcome and will definitely recommend APT.”

Jason Lewis
Site Service and Facilities Manager

Work with us

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