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Commercial Kitchen Deep and Duct Cleaning

Client Details: Gloucester

Project: Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Following a visit from the local authority Environmental Health department, the proprietor of a commercial kitchen in Gloucester contacted us to carry out kitchen deep cleaning plus full cooker hood and duct cleaning in order to bring the kitchen up to current standards. We were also required to deep clean the duct ventilation equipment to comply with the TR19 HVAC standards in order to renew the kitchen insurance policy.

The APT commercial kitchen cleaning team duly deep cleaned the high level ducting and kitchen extraction equipment to the required standards. The cleaning was recorded and the appropriate cleaning certificate issued.

In the rest of the kitchen, the team used our own specially formulated kitchen cleaning products. Over the decades that we have been involved in the cleaning business, we have scientifically formulated a wide range of products that are fast acting and effective.

In order to restore the anti-slip flooring to its pristine state, we employed Powermax 2020 heavy duty kitchen degreaser. This cut through the heavy oil and grease layer that had built up underfoot. The team left no corner uncleaned and used our product Coil Cleaner to degrease and deep clean the chillers, motors and fan coils.

Industrial oven cleaning can often be problematic as the oil and grease is usually carbonised. Using APT branded industrial oven cleaner, Gladiator, made the process very easy, completely removing the baked-on heavily carbonised build-up.

The grease traps, waste pipes and drains were deep cleaned and degreased using our industrial strength industrial drain unblocker and cleaner – Clear Flow Liquid.

The stainless steel units and work surfaces were given a final deep clean using UltraClean MB concentrate which is our specially developed commercial kitchen cleaner and sanitiser. We left the client with a number of free APT branded kitchen cleaning products for subsequent maintenance cleaning and sanitising of the commercial kitchen and restaurant bar areas.

It wasn’t just the inside that received the APT deep cleaning treatment – outside, pathways, steps, loading area and yard were all pressure washed to clean off and remove algae. The concrete and tarmac surfaces were cleaned to remove the oil spillages from the waste bins.

All work was carried out quickly and efficiently, meeting all of the standards required by the client and those of the Environmental Health department. The client was highly praised by the local authority for carrying out the work so quickly and thoroughly.

The cleaning team were commended by the client in the following letter to Andrew Jones, the Managing Director of APT:

Dear Andrew,
“Thank you for the wonderful service your team provided yesterday, they were totally amazing! When I booked your services I was unable to make a full inspection of the areas and could not believe how bad these were. Suffice to say it was a much bigger task than I had anticipated, your team worked so hard to bring this kitchen back to the as new standard, we are very grateful. The boys also left some of the super products for us to clean the other areas & floors these were well received by my colleagues.
I would like to set up a regular arrangement with for the deep cleaning every six months please. I would be delighted to receive your kitchen cleaning programme for the new manager and the staff to initiate.
Again many many thanks to your wonderful team, they were brilliant!”

Mrs Nicola Massey


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