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Food Safe Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Services for Cardiff and Chepstow

Hygiene in the food industry, whether in catering preparation or food manufacturing and processing plants – is paramount. APT’s trained and experienced commercial kitchen cleaning teams visit your Cardiff and Chepstow kitchen where they efficiently eliminate the progressive build up of grease, oils and grime on less accessible surfaces such as canopies, light fittings, walls behind equipment and ceilings, which if left, can create unacceptable health and safety risks to your staff and customers alike.

All high level structures in a food manufacturing and commercial kitchen environments require some form of maintenance cleaning or industrial kitchen cleaning to remove potential contamination, debris, pest harbourage, micro issues and bacteria.

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Kitchen Extractor Cleaning in Cardiff and Chepstow

Kitchen extraction systems cleaning is an absolute necessity and they must be cleaned at regular periods to avoid serious fire hazards. Our dedicated team of Cardiff and Chepstow commercial kitchen cleaners have first hand knowledge of extraction cleaning; they are fully trained thus giving you the assurance that the task will be complete to industry standards. We can help you assess when and how often to have your extractors cleaned. You will not need to remember about it as we will simply place you on our ‘revisit’ list, call you before and book the appointment in.

Health and Safety Requirements

Catering managers are constantly dealing with the arduous task of keeping on top of health & safety requirements, whilst at the same time working within controlled budgets, which is why it is imperative to find the right commercial kitchen cleaners. Our Cardiff and Chepstow commercial kitchen cleaning services teams are experts in the field and attend regular courses to keep ahead of the industry’s demands and regulations.

  • We will conduct a free site survey and if required provide an inspection detailed risk assessment report
  • We will access your current products, the usage and costs
  • We will provide a detailed no obligation quote
  • We will work with you to meet your specific requirements
  • We will always work around your schedules without any interruption to your business and to the agreed time frame
  • We will provide MSDS for all products
  • We can design a tailor made ‘best practice’ cleaning programme
  • We will provide a certificate of hygiene on completion in line with HSE best practice
  • We will ALWAYS work with your interests at heart
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Full Supply of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Products

One of the many benefits of using APT for industrial kitchen cleaning in Cardiff and Chepstow is that we also provide a full range of concentrated commercial cleaning products to ensure that your food preparation area is kept up to current industry standards. Many clients have a preference for us to provide both the commercial kitchen cleaning services and the chemicals – dealing with just one local company that supplies both is much more straightforward.

Best Practices

It is imperative the right product is used for any commercial kitchen deep clean along with best practice cleaning methods. With APT’s long standing professional involvement within the industry you can be assured we will work with you to keep your environment hygienically clean & safe. So if you have a commercial kitchen cleaning requirement in Cardiff and Chepstow, call today on 0800 0723 773 to find out how you can benefit from working with the best in the industry.