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Stone Cleaning Services

Stone Cleaning

APT are amongst one of the UK’s highly trusted stone cleaning companies. Our stone cleaning service has been in operation for over 30 years, supporting organisations with stone cleaning throughout the UK.

Delivered by Stone Cleaning Experts

When it comes to cleaning stone, building owners and managers are often faced with a dilemma – to clean stone or not to clean stone. Without cleaning stone, your building will not only continue to look unkept, but mosses, lichens, bird lime and pollutants can be damaging to the stone surface having accumulated over the years.

Stone cleaning services must be specialist, ensuring that they are using suitable stone cleaning products, whilst being sympathetic to the stone surfaces, ensuring that they remain undamaged. Commonly, companies just use abrasive discs, acid for stone cleaning, high pressure washing and grit (sand blasting) for stone cleaning. However, since APT are one of the longest standing stone cleaning companies in the UK we have developed not only non-damaging cleaning methods, but environmentally friendly ones too. Soda blasting is a unique method used to clean stone, it’s also suitable for cleaning paving stones, stone floor cleaning, cleaning a stone fireplace and can also be used to clean Indian stone.

Soda Blasting

APT have been using soda blasting for over 30 years, it’s one of our preferred stone cleaning techniques. Using a vortex of compressed air to carry specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals, soda blasting will remove:

  • Lime & cement-based paints

  • Paint residues

  • Some old oil-based paints

  • Carbon and bitumen

  • Lime scale

  • Micro-organism blooms

  • Bird fouling

  • All other surface contamination

A huge benefit of using soda blasting as part of our stone cleaning service is that is can be used for cleaning the exterior of stone buildings, cleaning stone paving, for stone floor cleaning and can be used to clean sensitive objects such as cemetery stones and the like. 

Save yourself the hassle of looking online for stone cleaning services near me and reach out today to APT for a free, no obligation quote for your stone clean.

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. 

A powerful, non-solvent graffiti remover used to remove deep and difficult shadowing that can be left after initial graffiti removal. It can also be used to remove aged graffiti staining.

A professional, concentrated algae cleaner that kills spores on contact; it is known UK wide as one of the best algae removers.

Highly versatile, used in low-pressure super-heated steam cleaners, pressure washers, garden sprayers, floor scrubbing machinery, and spray wiping by hand.

Extra strength, industrial brick acid, rust and limescale remover and acid descaler. Highly concentrated formula is the best on the market. 

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