Client - Condor Ferries
Client – Condor FerriesJersey
Project – Stone Cleaning – Stone Repairs & Property Restoration

What did the client need?

Condor Ferries, coming to the end of a commercial property lease agreement on a warehouse distribution unit at the Port of Jersey Estates Department, required comprehensive services to address the dilapidation of the property. The main objectives were to remove a high-level secured safety fence that posed a risk to passengers and yard workers, repair the damaged granite stone wall, and provide options for reinstating a new fence to meet planning criteria and ensure public safety.

Condor Ferries is a renowned ferry operator providing essential transportation services across the English Channel and the Bay of St. Malo. With a strong presence in the Channel Islands, Condor Ferries connects Jersey, Guernsey, and the United Kingdom, serving both passengers and freight customers. As a trusted and reliable transportation provider, Condor Ferries plays a vital role in connecting people, goods, and businesses between these regions.

How did we approach it?

As experts in stone repair and restoration, APT-ICC was called in to provide our professional opinion on the stone repairs needed for the granite wall and deliver suitable options for the dilapidation process. Our approach involved several key steps:

  1. Evaluation and Planning: We conducted a detailed inspection of the granite stone wall, assessing the extent of damage and identifying the cracks. We also took into account the strict criteria set by the Port of Jersey Harbours Authority, the Jersey Heritage and Conservation Works Authority, and the Local Authority.

  2. Stone Cleaning: To allow for a detailed inspection and appropriate color match for the stone repair, we utilized the soda blasting method. This gentle cleaning technique effectively removed dirt, debris, and algae from the heritage stone wall, revealing the cracks and ensuring an accurate assessment.

  3. Stone Repair and Restoration: APT-ICC employed modern techniques in stone masonry repairs, utilizing specialist fixings to secure damaged stone pieces and achieving a seamless match with existing stone surfaces. Our skilled craftsmen carried out sensitive stone repairs, ensuring the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the granite wall.

  4. Fence Reinstatement: To meet planning criteria and eliminate future safety risks, we provided several options for reinstating a new fence. Our engineering specification drawings presented alternative methods of fence reconstruction. We also designed and installed specialist steel stanchions into the ground within the yard area, strategically avoiding underground services and drainage. Sets of railings were then installed to re-hang the existing security fencing panels “off wall” at the same position.

What was the solution?

APT-ICC successfully addressed the dilapidation requirements of the commercial lease while conforming to the strict conditions set out by the Port of Jersey Harbours Authority, the Jersey Heritage and Conservation Works Authority, and the Local Authority. Our comprehensive solution included:

  • Soda blasting to clean the granite stone and allow detailed inspection and color matching for stone repair.
  • Specialist stone masonry repairs with modern techniques and fixings to secure damaged stone pieces.
  • Providing options for fence reinstatement, meeting the criteria of planning authorities and ensuring public safety.
  • Installing specialist steel stanchions and railings to hang the security fencing panels “off wall” as per planning conditions.

What was the outcome?

The stone repair and fence reinstatement project for Condor Ferries proved to be a major success. APT-ICC effectively addressed the dilapidation requirements of the commercial lease, ensuring the safe removal of the high-level secured safety fence and conducting sensitive stone repairs on the granite wall. The reinstatement of the fence met the strict conditions set by the relevant authorities, eliminating future safety risks and ensuring compliance with planning criteria.

Throughout the project, APT-ICC’s expertise in stone repair was evident, with the granite stone repairs seamlessly blending with the existing surfaces. The successful completion of the stone repairs and fence reinstatement provided Condor Ferries with a fully compliant property, meeting the highest standards of stone repair and public safety.

At APT-ICC, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional stone repair and restoration services. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Client Testimonial

“I would like to thank the APT team for all their support on this complex and demanding job, involving several different authorities. They devised a thorough plan on a difficult project and executed it to the highest professional standards. They carried-out stone repairs and engineering works to the historic structures. They delivered an impressive finish to the walls utilising the soda blasting method, highly recommended to all.”

Graham Belgum – Operations Director Condor Ferries

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