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APT deliver commercial cleaning services throughout Salisbury and the wider county of Wiltshire. APT have over 30 years’ of experience in delivering top-standard commercial cleaning solutions. Delivering commercial cleaning solutions to businesses of all sizes, mastering a range of over 80 different skills that we make readily available to our clients at all times. Get in touch so our experts can help you today.

Our focus is to deliver cost effective and high-quality cleaning services first time every time. This means every single member of the APT team undergoes extensive training in our methods and techniques because we know a proper job is more important to you than a cheap job. This focus has resulted in our 30-year spell as one of the UK’s top cleaning service providers who specialise in large one-off cleaning projects. This expands across all services we provide.

With all of our available services we offer a free non committal site survey allowing us to understand your requirements. We will then make best practice recommendations and provide a full breakdown quote. Once you agree to work with us as we will assign a Service Member of staff to you.  Our cleaners will work in the style that best suits your needs and we can help with the decision making right throughout the project; it is this approach that sets us apart from other providers.

General Cleaning Services in Salisbury and the County of Wiltshire

  • Blast Cleaning
  • Super Heated Steam Cleaning
  • Soda Blast Cleaning (Soda Blasting)
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Leisure Cleaning
  • Education, Universities and Schools
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Deep Cleans
  • One Off Cleans
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Builders and Sparkle Cleans
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is also known as cryogenic cleaning. One of the many benefits of this blasting process is the speed at which it can clean, it is also non-toxic and an economical solution for almost any cleaning application.

Using dry ice cleaning saves you time as there is no need for dismantling or disassembly, nor must you wait for long clean up periods before restarting factory production or equipment. As for building restoration stone cleaning, masonry, brick cleaning or removing unwanted coatings such as graffiti, you will see an instant visual improvement.

This blast system is particularly advantageous to industries using hot-moulding techniques - moulds can be cleaned in-place, resulting in greater productivity. You can operate right up to the moment our team arrive and restart again even before their dry ice blaster is loaded back into the van!

Building Maintenance

Soda Blasting

An increasing number of engineering companies are waking up to the idea that soda blasting is an exceptionally versatile industrial cleaning technique that can be used on small components or for large scale projects.

It is an ideal alternative to solvent products as it removes contaminant build up without harming the substrate material. Unlike solvent degreasers, it does not damage rubber and plastics so it can be used on many delicate components. On a larger scale, it is the perfect way to clean and renovate plant and machinery.

It is a superb stain remover and has natural deodorising properties which makes it eminently suitable for carrying out remedial work after an oil spillage, fire or flooding in your workshop or factory.

Why You Should Choose APT

1 Conscientious – every project is tailored to your needs and delivered on time, on budget giving you cost-effective cleaning

2 Dependable – you can spend time on your job rather than making sure that we do ours

3 Excellence – you benefit from the best advice, the latest methods and the best practices from our fully trained professional cleaning teams

4 Experience counts – your cleaning project will be completed faster and more efficiently

5 Quality – continual on-site monitoring by our team of site managers ensures that high standards are maintained at all times

6 Results – we are as fastidious as you about cleaning and will deliver results that have a positive impact on your business

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