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During cooking operations, the heated oils and fats vaporise and are extracted through the cooker hoods and other HVAC ducts. Here, they condense and solidify unseen, where they pose both a health and fire risk. Filters and air handling units are a breeding ground for many micro-organisms, mould, fungi and bacteria. These unwanted build-ups in your kitchen ducts reduce efficiency and can lead to premature failure of over-stressed kitchen duct cleaning equipment. Inefficient commercial kitchen extractor systems can also lead to complaints about air quality.

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning
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Fire and H&S regulations place a very strict ‘duty of care’ on the manager of the premises. Part of these regulations state that ‘grease extract systems must be assessed for fire hazards and action MUST be taken to eliminate or minimise potential risks’. Failure to comply could lead to the closure of your commercial kitchen.

It is for those reasons that you should have your kitchen extraction systems thoroughly cleaned regularly as part of your planned kitchen maintenance routine. This is not a job for your own staff – apart from requiring specialist knowledge and equipment, it is hazardous and dirty too.

With our experience, you are assured of a reliable and efficient kitchen duct cleaning service that complies with current regulations. Your consultant will advise you on all aspects of commercial kitchen cleaning and will work with you to ensure the minimum disruption to your daily routines and will take care of all access issues and H&S.

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We are seeing increasing evidence that insurance companies are invalidating policies due to the failure to appoint a professional and an accredited kitchen fan extraction and canopy cleaning company to undertake grease removal. Many companies only realise this after the devastating effects of fire to their business. In many cases insurers have refused to pay out on millions of pounds worth of claims following fires where the insured has not complied with their contractual obligations or warranties on their buildings insurance policies regarding regular cleaning of the grease extract systems.
No matter how efficient your canopy filters are at trapping grease particles it is inevitable that deposits will start building up within the kitchen extraction and canopy areas. If you do not undertake kitchen extract duct cleaning on a regular basis the grease over time will become baked on and extremely difficult to remove. This will in turn reduce the effectiveness of the extraction system, shorten the canopy and fan’s life and create a serious fire hazard in the kitchen. In addition bacteria develops in the fatty moist deposits, this can become hazardous to health.
Due diligence is best – Kitchen extraction duct and canopy cleaning is imperative to ensure all the buildings occupants are not at risk from fire.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Regulations

The Regulatory Reform Fire safety Order 2005 stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken. This requires the building’s owner or workplace manager to delegate a responsible person to identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate or at least minimise the risk to the buildings occupants. Regular kitchen extraction and canopy cleaning will remove the most common cause of fire within the kitchen.

Recommended Extraction Cleaning Service Intervals for Kitchen Ducting

Light Use2-6 Hours A DayAnnual
Moderate Use6-12 Hours A DayBi-Annual
Heavy Use12-16 Hours A DayQuarterly

At APT we support our clients and help protect them from risk, loss or failure. We don’t just contact you to remind you about your cleaning programme. We help you meet the up to date legislation by carrying out a fully comprehensive survey condition report (including before and after photographs). We will undertake kitchen extract cleaning and canopy cleaning at times convenient to you and do not charge extra for weekend or night work. Where access to the extraction system is not in place, where it is safe to do so we install access panels ensuring thorough cleaning.

On completion, we provide a comprehensive post clean report and schedule of works. This is acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations officers and insurance companies and is evidence to show you have taken action to minimise the fire risks from the build-up of grease in your extraction system.

In case the worst should happen we keep copies of your reports for 2 years to assist you in the case of a claim.
We will provide up to date advice on policy changes including any changes to the new recommendations in TR19, section 7 standards.

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