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Hygiene in the food industry, whether in catering preparation or food manufacturing and processing plants – is paramount. APT’s trained and experienced commercial kitchen cleaning teams efficiently eliminate the progressive build up of grease, oils and grime on less accessible surfaces such as canopies, light fittings, walls behind equipment and ceilings. Kitchen extract grease filters are unable to eliminate all the grease from cooking vapours. Grease condenses on the walls of the kitchen ducts as the hot vapours cool down. Over a period of several weeks, serious grease build-up occurs on the internal walls of your extraction system ducts.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services (TR19 Approved)
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Wherever they are found, if left uncleaned, grease deposits can create unacceptable health and safety risks to your staff and customers alike.

All high level structures in a food manufacturing and commercial kitchen environments require some form of maintenance cleaning or industrial kitchen cleaning to remove potential contamination, debris, pest harbourage, micro issues and bacteria.

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Kitchen extractor cleaning is an absolute must and systems have to be cleaned at regular periods to avoid serious fire hazards.

Grease build up in a kitchen extraction system is also a fire hazard. The grease build-up in kitchen ducting that has not been regularly or thoroughly cleaned can ignite in the event of a kitchen fire. So a fire that was originally started in a kitchen can become more widespread as a grease fire in your ducting, increasing the chances of a fatal outcome.

Since the Fire Safety Order of 2005, the responsibility for maintenance of facilities and equipment lies with a single person – the kitchen manager or owner. In the event of a serious fire, you would be held liable and could face a stiff fine or jail.

Many insurers now demand minimum standards of kitchen duct cleaning are met. These are based on the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) recommendations which are set out in their publication TR/19 (‘Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems).  It is section 7 that concerns commercial kitchens.

The last round of changes to section 7 concern the frequency of cleaning. A new table has been drawn up showing how often kitchen duct cleaning should take place.  Each kitchen has a unique set of circumstances. The new table approaches that issue by publishing figures based on cooking type and hours of cooking. In order to validate a fire insurance policy, some insurers demand that duct cleaning is carried out at the frequency recommended in this table, others require more frequent cleaning, so it is important to check your policy carefully.

Our dedicated team of commercial kitchen cleaners have first hand knowledge of extraction cleaning; they are fully trained thus giving you the assurance that the task will be complete to industry standards. We can help you assess when and how often to have your extractors cleaned. You will not need to remember about it as we will simply place you on our ‘recur’ list, call you before and book the appointment in.