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APT deliver commercial cleaning services throughout Chester and the North West. APT have over 30 years’ of experience in delivering top-standard commercial cleaning solutions. Delivering commercial cleaning solutions to businesses of all sizes in the North West, mastering a range of over 80 different cleaning methods that we make readily available to our clients at all times. 

Our focus is to deliver cost effective and high-quality cleaning services first time every time. This means every single member of the APT team undergoes extensive training in our methods and techniques because we know a proper job is more important to you than a cheap job. This focus has resulted in our 30-year spell as one of the UK’s top cleaning service providers who specialise in large one-off cleaning projects. This expands across all services we provide.

With all of our available services we offer a free non committal site survey allowing us to understand your requirements. We will then make best practice recommendations and provide a full breakdown quote. Once you agree to work with us as we will assign a Service Member of staff to you.  Our cleaners will work in the style that best suits your needs and we can help with the decision making right throughout the project; it is this approach that sets us apart from other providers

General Cleaning Services in Chester and the North West

  • Dilapidations
  • Cladding Repairs
  • Soda Blast Cleaning (Soda Blasting)
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Leisure Cleaning
  • Education, Universities and Schools
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Deep Cleans
  • One Off Cleans
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Builders and Sparkle Cleans
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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Popular Cleaning Services

Dilapidations - After


Dilapidations arise when a commercial building, like an office block or a factory, need to be repaired following general wear and tear or, in some instances, minor structural alterations. Usually, it’s up to the tenant to ensure the property is handed back to the landlord in a good state of repair as a part of the schedule of works outlined in the lease.

Sometimes there are disputes about who is responsible for the repairs so it is always advisable for both the landlord and the tenant to seek the advice of a professional when drawing up the schedule of works.

It’s also important to employ the services of an experienced dilapidations company for the implementation of all compliance works and leasehold exit management services. If you don’t, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you could run the risk of incurring unexpected costs at the end of your lease.

APT is a strategic thinking organisation with an exceptional reputation in the dilapidations market. Our focus is on customer care and we are committed to working with our clients to ensure the smoothest and most cost effective solutions to any dilapidation works that may be required.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

APT has a specialised division of Commercial Painters with extensive experience in the industry. Our industrial Painters cover all areas of industrial and Commercial Painting from painting bridges and architectural monuments, to paint spraying of large industrial units and line marking of tennis courts.

Our Commercial Painters and our Industrial Painters are well versed in all matters of health and safety, quality and customer care. APT Industrial Painters have worked in both large and small establishments such as Doncaster’s Engineering, Carillion , Wilmott Dixon, MOD sites, Private Schools, Hotels and Corus to name a few. Our professional approach and commitment to perfection keeps our customers coming back and recommending us time and time again.

A full site survey is carried out by our Specialist Paint Manager to ascertain the substrate, assess your working environment and discuss any remedial works that may need to be implemented before the painting can go ahead. APT Commercial Painting Contractors can undertake all the remedial works, should you wish us to. As your painting contractor we provide a detailed report and a full breakdown quote.

Why You Should Choose APT

1 Conscientious – every project is tailored to your needs and delivered on time, on budget giving you cost-effective cleaning

2 Dependable – you can spend time on your job rather than making sure that we do ours

3 Excellence – you benefit from the best advice, the latest methods and the best practices from our fully trained professional cleaning teams

4 Experience counts – your cleaning project will be completed faster and more efficiently

5 Quality – continual on-site monitoring by our team of site managers ensures that high standards are maintained at all times

6 Results – we are as fastidious as you about cleaning and will deliver results that have a positive impact on your business

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