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High Pressure Jetting - Car Park Cleaning in South Wales
High Pressure Jetting - Car Park Cleaning in South Wales

Image is everything in the corporate world. The appearance of the business premises can tell a lot about your business. That’s why it is important to maintain the cleanliness of all areas of the facility, including the car park. Most of the time, the car park is the first area that potential customers step foot on. Hiring a professional cleaning company can help keep the area clean and provide a good first impression to your guests.

APT Cleaning Services is exceedingly skilled in providing a multitude of cleaning services that are applicable for your car park. Our professional employees and cleaning technicians are fully trained and versed in a variety of pertinent cleaning methods and are trained in cleaning concrete or any type of floor presented to them. They are also armed with the cutting-edge industrial cleaning equipment; such as industrial scrubbing machines and heavy duty sweeping machines. Furthermore, they also have at their disposal a large arsenal of APT commercial cleaning substances and chemicals so that they can easily and quite readily deal with car park cleaning jobs of any magnitude.

At APT Cleaning Services, we operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and our services can range from a one-time cleaning job or you can choose to hire us for periodically arranged maintenance of your car parks. Hiring us for the scheduled cleaning of your car park takes a lot of the stress and pressure off of your shoulders since we will be creating a consistently pleasing and safe area of arrival and departure for your customers. In addition, scheduling regular cleaning services shows that you have a more proactive mindset towards these issues and in the long run it is far more cost effective since we will simply be doing maintenance and not any drastic repairs.

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Unlike other cleaning companies, APT is not simply limited to just routinely cleaning the floor of your car park. We also provide commercial cleaning services to deal with unsightly graffiti that may be defacing your property, cleaning and unclogging drains, sanitising areas affected with urine and biological waste, removing chewing gum and other hard to clean substances, implementing systems to monitor and control pests and clean railing and other areas that might be affected by water stains. Since we have a hazardous waste remover’s licence, our professionals are experienced in removing even dangerous waste particles during the cleaning process.

We offer discreet and fast cleaning services and will even perform our duties during the night so that your company is left undisrupted during normal business hours.