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An increasing number of engineering companies are waking up to the idea that soda blasting is an exceptionally versatile industrial cleaning technique that can be used on small components or for large scale projects.

It is an ideal alternative to solvent products as it removes contaminant build up without harming the substrate material. Unlike solvent degreasers, it does not damage rubber and plastics so it can be used on many delicate components. On a larger scale, it is the perfect way to clean and renovate plant and machinery.

It is a superb stain remover and has natural deodorising properties which makes it eminently suitable for carrying out remedial work after an oil spillage, fire or flooding in your workshop or factory.

Stocking the machinery, nozzles and blast media and implementing the rigorous training required of staff to carry out soda blasting safely and effectively is beyond most engineering companies. That’s where APT comes in – our mobile soda blasting teams have a wide range of soda blasting equipment and the skills to tackle all of your engineering cleaning tasks safely and to the highest standards.

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