Our Client - WIPAC
Client – WIPAC 
Project – Blast Cleaning Service, Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

In the realm of efficient and precise cleaning solutions, APT stands as a beacon of excellence. In this case study, we delve into a remarkable project undertaken for our esteemed client, WIPAC. As a trusted name in the industry, APT was entrusted with the task of providing an effective blast cleaning service to address the specific needs of WIPAC. This study highlights the challenges, strategies, solutions, and outcomes of this venture.

WIPAC, a renowned player in the field, required a comprehensive blast cleaning service for their portable aluminum coating shelter. The primary objective was to strip down the shelter to its original bare metal state. Over time, several layers of aluminum coating had accumulated on the shelter’s surface, necessitating a thorough and meticulous cleaning process.

How did we approach it?

Leveraging our extensive expertise and a well-established reputation for delivering exceptional results, APT approached WIPAC’s soda blast cleaning project with meticulous precision. The initial phase encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of the aluminum-coated shelter’s state, closely examining the composition of the layers. This insightful assessment served as the foundation for crafting a tailored approach that catered to the distinct demands of the project.

Our blast cleaning service emerged as the ideal choice, poised to provide a seamless solution for stripping away the accumulated aluminum while safeguarding the structural integrity of the underlying metal. This approach not only guaranteed efficient removal but also ensured that the original material remained intact, a vital consideration for projects involving delicate surfaces like aluminum.

What was the solution?

APT harnessed the power of soda blasting, a highly efficient and precise cleaning method. Soda blasting involves using a specially formulated abrasive material, in this case, soda crystals, propelled at high velocity to clean and strip surfaces. This method is known for its effectiveness in removing unwanted layers while being gentle on the underlying material. It is particularly suitable for delicate surfaces like aluminum, as it does not cause damage or distortion.

Our team meticulously executed the soda blasting process, carefully controlling the velocity and pressure to ensure the optimal balance between thorough cleaning and material preservation. The soda crystals effectively cut through the layers of aluminum coating, revealing the bare metal underneath.

What was the outcome?

The outcomes stemming from our blast cleaning service were truly exceptional, showcasing the prowess of APT’s specialized approach. The portable aluminum coating shelter underwent a profound transformation, shedding the layers of accumulated aluminum to reveal its original bare metal composition. The soda blasting process was executed with precision, ensuring a thorough removal of excess aluminum coating without compromising the structural integrity of the panels.

With the shelter now stripped down to its fundamental metal state, it was primed for the subsequent phase of reassembly. The cleaned and rejuvenated metal panels not only restored the shelter’s appearance but also set the stage for enhanced functionality and durability. This successful endeavor exemplified the effectiveness of our tailored blast cleaning service and its ability to deliver impeccable results in complex projects like WIPAC’s aluminum coating shelter restoration.

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This case study exemplifies APT’s dedication to providing customized and efficient cleaning solutions. Our blast cleaning service perfectly met WIPAC’s distinct needs, yielding outstanding results. If you’re facing similar cleaning challenges, reach out to APT. Our expertise and comprehensive services are ready to cater to your specific requirements, ensuring exceptional outcomes. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your cleaning goals. Email us or call us today on 0800 0723 773 to discuss your soda blast cleaning project.