APT Client - Universal Group
Client – Universal GroupMerthyr Leisure CentreSwimming Pool
Project – Soda Blasting & Swimming Pool Cleaning

What did the client need?

Universal Group are a leading contractor for all ground engineering, labour and piling plant needs. Operating nationwide, their team in Wales called on the advice and expertise of APT to assist with their project to help Merthyr Council with restoring their swimming pool and leisure centre.

The client had a specific requirement for their swimming pool cleaning project. They needed the pool bases to be leveled out, ensuring a flat and even surface for the installation of internal pool fixtures. This was essential for both aesthetic and functional purposes, as the fixtures needed a solid foundation to maintain the structural integrity of the pools.

In addition to leveling the pool bases, the client also required sodablasting to be applied to the existing pool floors and walls. This was necessary to prepare the surfaces for the application of screed in both the main and learner pools. The client desired a clean and debris-free surface that would be ready for the subsequent installation of screed, ensuring a smooth and durable finish.

How did we approach it?

To address the client’s needs, our team began by conducting a detailed survey of the swimming pool areas. This allowed us to assess the condition of the pool bases and identify areas that required leveling. We carefully examined the existing surface and determined the most effective approach to achieve the desired finish.

After thorough evaluation, we recommended sodablasting as the ideal technique for this particular project. Sodablasting involves using compressed air to propel sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) particles onto the surfaces, removing dirt, grime, and previous coatings without causing damage. It provides a non-abrasive and gentle cleaning method, making it suitable for various pool surfaces.

To meet the client’s requirements, we organised and set up the necessary sodablasting equipment. Our experienced technicians carefully prepared the pool areas, ensuring proper ventilation and containment measures were in place. This was crucial to minimise the spread of dust and maintain a safe working environment.

With the setup complete, our team commenced the sodablasting process in a systematic and controlled manner. The sodablasting equipment was used to propel the sodium bicarbonate particles onto the pool floors and walls. This effectively removed any dirt, grime, and previous coatings, leaving a clean and prepared surface for the subsequent screed application.

Throughout the sodablasting process, we implemented rigorous cleaning measures. Industrial-grade hoovers and a range of cleaning tools were utilized to ensure thorough removal of dust, debris, and residue generated during the blasting. By maintaining a clean and tidy workspace, we not only achieved excellent cleaning results but also prioritized the safety and satisfaction of our client.

What was the solution?

To accomplish the pool cleaning task efficiently, we utilised specialised sodablasting equipment designed specifically for pool cleaning purposes. The equipment was carefully calibrated to ensure the correct pressure and distribution of sodium bicarbonate particles, allowing for precise and effective cleaning.

In addition to sodablasting equipment, industrial-grade hoovers played a vital role in the cleaning process. They were used to vacuum up loose particles, dust, and debris, preventing them from spreading and contaminating the surrounding areas. Our team also employed a variety of cleaning tools, such as brushes and scrapers, to address any stubborn or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive pool cleaning service.

What was the outcome?

Thanks to our efficient approach and dedicated efforts, we successfully completed the swimming pool cleaning project within a remarkably quick turnaround time of just 7 days. The client expressed their satisfaction with our services as the timely completion allowed them to proceed with the swimming pool refit according to their planned schedule.

The leveled and thoroughly cleaned pool bases provided an ideal foundation for the installation of internal pool fixtures. The even surface ensured a secure and stable placement of the fixtures, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the pools.

Moreover, the application of sodablasting to the pool floors and walls resulted in a clean and debris-free surface. This created a suitable canvas for the subsequent screed application, enabling the smooth and durable finish desired by the client. The removal of dirt, grime, and previous coatings ensured optimal adhesion of the screed, reducing the risk of future damage or deterioration.

Overall, our professional approach, utilising specialized equipment and thorough cleaning methods, resulted in a successful swimming pool cleaning project. The client’s needs were met, and they were pleased with the quality of our workmanship and the efficient turnaround time. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results not only met their immediate requirements but also contributed to the long-term durability and appeal of the swimming pools.

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