Bridge Cleaning and Algae Removal and Jet Washing - Before
Bridge Cleaning and Algae Removal - After

Too many people have a go at cleaning off these plants, only to leave worse stains than prior to the cleaning process or, in some instances, causing damage to the surface in question.

To ensure you treat algae and moss in the most appropriate way for the long term stability of the structure it’s worth understanding how these plants thrive and why it is important to remove them.

Algae is a derivative form of seaweed, and is liable to grow on any surface that is wet, or has been exposed to damp or humid conditions. It can grow extremely quickly, in some cases in a matter of hours, and unlike land plants, algae does not have any leaves or roots, which means that it can grow and spread on almost any surface including bridge structures, stone and masonry, fascia, cladding, pathways, road signs and a whole host of outdoor sporting venues.

Moss is very similar to algae in that is it lacks true roots, growing in damp habitats and spreading by means of spores released from stalked capsules.  

 The fact that these plants can grow virtually anywhere makes the challenge of cleaning it off all the more important as a technique that is suitable for one surface may not be suitable for another.

Algae and moss growth will produce a ‘slimy’ texture, which on pavements or walkways can be dangerous and cause a number of slips, but on buildings and other structures it is not necessarily damaging if  treated as soon as possible.

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Guaranteed ALgae removal

The length of time the plants have  been left to grow, and the surface area they cover, can greatly vary the time and method needed to properly clean the facade.

Adherence to any surface, and quick regrowth, means that algae and moss can be very troublesome to eliminate effectively, leaving behind stains and, if not treated properly, will simply grow back time and again

At APT-ICC we a have track record in cleaning algae and moss from a huge range of different surfaces. Using our specialist teams and our very own, purposely, specifically, and uniquely developed cleaning product, we offer an exceptional guarantee to customers that all surfaces will be treated appropriately, reducing the risk of re-growth wherever possible.