APT Client - G Adams Construction
Client – G Adams
Project – Removing Algae from Chimney Stacks – Building Restoration

What did the client need?

This case study highlights our successful endeavour in restoring the three chimney stacks at Bettws Lodge, Usk, to their pristine condition by effectively removing algae. G Adams, a client located in Tredegar, Gwent, entrusted us with this crucial task as part of an ongoing project. Our team of specialised technicians, equipped with the necessary certifications and expertise, approached the removing algae and cleaning process using innovative methods.

By utilising a specialist chemicals for removing algae, employing super-heated steam and long lances, we were able to deliver an exceptional solution and achieve outstanding results for our client. G Adams urgently sought assistance in combating algae growth on the three chimney stacks at Bettws Lodge. The aggressive algae accumulation not only marred the lodge’s appearance but also posed significant risks to the structural integrity of the chimneys. To complete their ongoing project on time and meet tender requirements, the removal of algae was of utmost importance.

How did we approach it?

Understanding the challenges associated with working at heights, our team of experts conducted a thorough assessment of the site to tailor our approach precisely. Our certified technicians, experienced in handling such projects, were deployed to the location for the project of removing algae. To tackle the algae issue effectively, we devised a multifaceted cleaning process.

Firstly, we applied the specialised commercial cleaning chemical solution, Algae-Free, which is formulated explicitly for removing algae and organic growth. This powerful agent acted as a catalyst, loosening the algae’s grip on the chimney surfaces. To enhance the cleaning efficiency, we introduced super-heated steam and long lances. This combination enabled our technicians to access hard-to-reach spots, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

What was the solution?

Our integrated approach combining our sister company’s Algae Free product. APT Commercial Chemicals have been producing super-concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for over 30 years. Algae Free, combined with super-heated steam delivers long-lasting and exceptional results. The removal of algae from the chimney stacks was not only immediate but also long-lasting. By eradicating the root cause of algae growth, we significantly reduced the likelihood of its reappearance, ensuring a sustained solution for our client.

Furthermore, our diligent team, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, ensured that the restoration process did not cause any harm to the chimneys’ structural integrity. The client’s provision of scaffolding facilitated smooth operations, expediting the entire cleaning process, which was completed in just one day.

What was the outcome?

Our comprehensive solution for removing algae resulted in a remarkable transformation of the three chimney stacks at Bettws Lodge. The removal of algae not only restored the lodge’s visual appeal but also safeguarded the chimneys from potential long-term damage.

Our client, G Adams, was pleased with the timely and efficient completion of the project. By meeting the tender deadline and effectively dealing with the algae issue, G Adams could proceed with their ongoing project without any delays. They commended our team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication throughout the entire process.

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