30 Years

Render and K Rend Cleaning

K Render High Level Cleaning

Our render cleaning service has supported organisations throughout the UK for over 30 years. Cleaning render is paramount to ensure the exterior appearance of your building. We also supply render cleaning products and equipment.

Safe Cleaning for Improving Render & K Render Lifespan

Harsh environmental impact and contaminant build up, often in short periods of time can leave rendered properties looking dirty and worn, negatively impacting the appearance of the building overall. Cleaning render requires specific cleaning methods and render cleaning equipment to deliver outstanding results, fit to specification. Over the years, we have developed the best way to clean rendered walls (and other areas), bringing your rendered and k rendered properties back to life.

Our Approach to Cleaning Render & K Render

APT have been providing render clean and k render cleaning solutions to both commercial and residential organisations throughout the UK for over 30 years. When we first engage with clients, we provide a full consultation of each project to understand our clients’ specific needs, along with a detailed quotation. This level of detail allows us to recommend and utilise the most efficient systems to remove all dirt, grime, algae and contaminants from the rendered surface, restoring your property to what it once was.

We provide site-specific RAMS along with a transparent means to ensure our clients are kept up to speed every step of the way. Offering non-abrasive solutions, we can guarantee to deliver desired results, whilst being sympathetic to the render and k render to ensure no damage is caused. Extending a building’s lifespan is our aim and providing aftercare maintenance solutions we can ensure we do just that.

Save yourself the hassle of continuing to search things like “how to clean rendered walls?”, “render cleaning near me” and “how to clean render?” and trust APT to provide excellent results when cleaning rendered walls and surfaces. Our approach to soft wash render cleaning is unique and it has been tried, tested and trusted to ensure excellent results and clean render every time, no matter how challenging!

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years.

A powerful, non-solvent graffiti remover used to remove deep and difficult shadowing that can be left after initial graffiti removal. It can also be used to remove aged graffiti staining.

A professional, concentrated algae cleaner that kills spores on contact; it is known UK wide as one of the best algae removers.

Highly versatile, used in low-pressure super-heated steam cleaners, pressure washers, garden sprayers, floor scrubbing machinery, and spray wiping by hand.

Acid Brick Cleaner

Extra strength, industrial brick acid, rust and limescale remover and acid descaler. Highly concentrated formula is the best on the market. 

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