K Render Cleaning at Travelodge in Newport, South Wales

Dedicated to providing innovative cleaning and restoration solutions.

With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for your cleaning, maintenance and restoration projects across all industries nationwide.

Safer Cleaning for improved
Render Lifespan

K-Rend and Render cleaning services to bring your property back to life. Our industry knowledge and specific cleaning methods deliver outstanding results, fit to specification.

There is no denying that commercial and industrial properties can become tired and worn particularly where K-Render and Render are involved.

Harsh environmental impact and contaminant build up, often in short periods of time can leave properties looking dirty and worn, lacking a professional appearance. Our specific methods offer solutions to give your property the appearance it deserves.

K-Rend and Render Cleaning
K-Rend and Render Cleaning

Our Approach To K Rend and Render Cleaning

We understand the technicalities required when working with rendered surfaces. Our 30 years’ industry experience has allowed us to develop specific techniques to provide your desired result, mitigating any damage to the substrate material.

Our free consultation allows us to recommend the most efficient way of working specific to your building needs. Utilising the most efficient systems to remove all dirt, grime, algae and contaminants from the rendered surface, bringing your property back to life once again.

Our Team

APT provide a full consultation of each project to understand our client’s specific needs. Our team of fully accredited consultants and on-site staff are equipped to complete all cleaning requirements on commercial and industrial properties.

We provide site-specific RAMS along with a transparent means to ensure our client’s are kept up to speed every step of the way. Offering non-abrasive solutions, we can guarantee to deliver desired results, whilst being sympathetic to the substrate material to ensure no damage is caused to the render. Extending a building’s lifespan is our aim and providing aftercare maintenance solutions we can ensure we do just that.

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