Why Choosing the Right K Rend Cleaner is Critical for Your Commercial Property’s Maintenance

K Rend is a popular type of render used for commercial properties due to its durability and resistance to weather damage. However, even with its technical advancements, over time, K Rend surfaces can become coated in algae, moss, and dirt, making the render look drab and dirty. Not only does this leave your property looking unattractive, but it can also lead to more serious issues, such as weakened mortar, brick, and stonework, and damp penetration. This is why choosing the right K Rend cleaner is critical for maintaining the quality and value of your commercial property. In this article, we will explore the importance of K Rend cleaner and how using the right product and equipment can save you time and money in the long run.

Cleaning Render is More Than Just Cosmetic

Despite this technical advance, even K Rend surfaces will, over time, become coated in algae, moss and dirt making the render look drab and dirty, leaving your commercial property looking less than acceptable. But that’s not all… Algae, whether it is the red, green or black form, if left to grow unchecked will penetrate and discolour the render. Once this has happened, there is no going back. Your K Rend will forever look stained unless it is removed and replaced.

Left even longer, the Algae and moss can penetrate the fabric of your building, weakening the mortar, the bricks and stonework and allowing damp to penetrate, reducing the value of an expensive asset and necessitating repair. APT’s sister company have been manufacturing a specialist k rend cleaner for the past 3o years. Bio Clean‘s specialist building k rend cleaner is a versatile exterior k rend cleaner, suitable for use in types of high pressure water jets.

Render and K Render Cleaning is A Specialist Job

Choosing the right k rend cleaner of your commercial building is important to the success of your maintenance project. Many businesses like yours have found that getting it wrong costs a whole lot more to put right than calling in an expert in the first place.

Using the wrong equipment and the wrong chemicals can harm and discolour the K Rend coating on the exterior of your building.

This will leave your building more susceptible to damage as the weather and contamination, including algae, can penetrate the render. The damage caused by an inexperienced operator could cost you thousands of pounds to put right.

Using An Accredited K Rend Cleaner Company for Render Cleaning With The Appropriate Products and Equipment is Paramount

During the cleaning process, it is crucial to destroy any of the microscopic spores that lurk in difficult to clean pores in the K Rend. If any are missed, regrowth will occur faster than would otherwise be the case.

APT, along with our consultant chemists have developed Algae Free, a cleaner specifically developed to quickly kill off all traces of algae, moss and their spores from K rend and other renders, slowing down the inevitable re-growth. Algae Free is safe, with non-acidic ingredients, is 100% biodegradable, phosphate free and therefore environmentally friendly.

Your Solution For Exterior Building Cleaning Services

At APT we have invested considerable time, effort and money in finding the best methods and products to keep your commercial property K Rend in top condition.

To avoid damage to your render, we clean using low pressure steam systems. We found this is the best technique to clean thoroughly without damaging the surface of your building.

APT provide building cleaning services throughout the UK; this render cleaning project was near Cardiff, in the Vale of Glamorgan. We have completed a huge number of projects for render cleaning in Newport, Cwmbran, Brecon, Caerphilly, Swansea, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Monmouthshire, Gwent and that just South Wales building cleaning!

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