Cleaning K Rend – Our Approach for Excellent Results

Over time, algae, moss, dirt and grime can leave a building looking unsightly while it can also lead to costly repairs and damage. At APT, we offer a service for cleaning k-rend and render that comes with experience and an expert approach. When clients come to us, they can be sure that they will receive exceptional service and a level of care and attention that makes a difference. However, in order to provide an impeccable service, we have to take a methodical approach to cleaning k rend that ensures we deliver from start to finish.

K Rend Render Cleaning at School near Cardiff - Before
K Rend Render Cleaning at School near Cardiff - After

Cleaning K Rend – Our Specialist Process

We Gain an Understanding of the Project

Every building and every project is different but we have the ability to identify the specifics cleaning requirements of each project. This is a crucial aspect of the work we undertake and it enables us to achieve the desired results. Therefore, our team of experts carry out a property survey. This allows us to gain an understanding of the level of k rend cleaning required while it also provides us with the ability to consider the right options and approaches to take.

Healthy and Safety is Paramount

As most projects require us to work at height, we consider health and safety. While the health and safety of our workmen are paramount, we also consider the safety of the public, as well as any tenants or staff who work at the building. As we require the use of cherry pickers, ropes and even scaffolding, we have to gain an understanding of the health and safety implications, ensuring we get it right. Therefore, we aim to minimise disruption and mitigate risks. Cleaning k rend at height is not something that should be taken likely and using an accredited company is paramount.

Identifying Challenges Ensures We Get the Right Results

Our cleaning k rend experience enables us to identify any particular challenges that we might face. Therefore, we always plan each cleaning k rend project in advance. Through gaining an understanding of the challenges, it enables us to avoid problems and potential risks. Whether it is understanding some of the access challenges when working at height or identifying the challenges associated with damaged render, we ensure we cover it all.

We believe that understanding the challenges and not overlooking them allows us to meet the requirements of each client. It also ensures we deliver results that are cost-effective and stand the test of time.

We Make Suggestions

All too often, supposed specialists in cleaning k rend will take an incorrect approach and will cause more damage but we do things differently. Our focus is on delivering outstanding results while ensuring we offer suggestions that work for our clients. This can include applying algaecide to maintain the render and prevent algae and moss from growing to carrying out repairs and making use of the correct methods and equipment

We Always Provide Solutions

Cleaning k rend is not a simple task which is why so many get it wrong. Too often, cleaning k rend companies will use high-pressure washers that cause damage to the render. Also, the excess water can soak through the render and cause problems with the building itself. Therefore, we utilise the correct equipment and ensure that we use low-pressure steam cleaners to effectively remove algae, moss, dirt and grime. This ensures that we avoid damage to the render and achieve the perfect finish.

As expert render cleaning specialists, we do not use high-pressure washers and we do not use harsh chemicals. This ensures that we are compliant when it comes to environmental compliance.

We Deliver Results

Our approach and detailed processes ensure we deliver results that stand out. We do everything right and that is because we are the experts in our industry. We can bring your building back to its original condition, avoiding damage while improving its appearance.

First-Class Workmanship

As an experienced render cleaning company, we understand that too often, other businesses make costly mistakes. We are different because we have a team of experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in render cleaning. They understand that every project requires a considerate approach and that means that every client can benefit from a finish that really does stand out.

Below is just one of APT-ICC’s render cleaning projects in Bristol, West and South West England.