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Commercial Marble Cleaning Restoration Services
Commercial Marble Cleaning Restoration Services

Soda blasting is one of our preferred methods of revitalising any exterior stonework including marble. Specially graded sodium bicarbonate crystals are fired against the marble surface using low pressure compressed air. The crystals are softer than marble and therefore are non-abrasive. They hit the surface to be cleaned at high speed and, although they are already very small, they shatter. The energy released is transferred to the contaminant, disrupting its surface and blowing it away.

Soda blast cleaning is particularly suited to the removal of:

  • Organic and lime based paints
  • Lime scale
  • Carbon soiling
  • Bitumen
  • Bird droppings
  • Algal blooms

Soda blasting is an environmentally friendly method of marble cleaning. It works from the outside in, gently removing successive layers of the contamination until the surface of the marble is reached. Traditional methods are less controlled and will remove the layer of soiling in one fell swoop, potentially damaging the surface of your marble.

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Maintenance Cleaning

We have developed our own low pressure steam cleaning system to deal with moss, algae and fungal deposits on marble and other delicate stonework. It uses low pressure steam at high temperature and can be finely tuned by the operator to suit the different cleaning needs of each area. It is significantly labour-saving meaning that you can benefit from lower cleaning costs. Our ‘Hot Box’ method of marble cleaning has other advantages too:

  • Quick drying as the steam is super heated and the low volumes of water needed to create this steam means that very little water is left on the surface of the bricks
  • Can be used in all seasons as it operates at a low pressure so no water droplets enter any flaws or pores in the marble’s surface reducing the chances of freeze-thaw damage
  • Low surface pressure prevents damage to soft marble
  • High temperatures kill the spores of mosses and algae meaning that no chemical inhibitors need to be used either before or after cleaning to retard re-growth

We also use super heated, low-pressure, high-steam where required to deliver excellent results on all stone and marble surfaces