Low Cost & Incredibly Thorough Hospital Cleaning

APT are at the fore front of the Healthcare Cleaning industry when it comes to Hospital Cleaning. We offer a full range of cleaning services from contract, project based and emergency cleaning through to supplying the finest environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market..

We believe that it is imperative to use only the services of a professional Hospital Cleaning company in order to avoid contamination.  APT’ ensures a thorough hospital deep clean and sanitisation of all surfaces including high level areas. We understand that cleanliness in the Healthcare Cleaning industry is imperative to maintain compliance with Infection Control Guidelines and regular deep clean of all facilities and surfaces is vital.

“UNISON believes that more and better-trained cleaning staff are key to improving standards of hospital cleanliness”..It’s to this end that our specialised professional cleaning products come into play and are used widely across the UK throughout for medical cleaning services.  We can also tailor make a “Best Practice” cleaning programme.

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APT’s specialist cleaning services includes the use of professional range of eco friendly phosphate and solvent free range of products help remove the threat of Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA and E-Coli. Our hospital cleaners team who have extensive knowledge in specialist Cleaning Services can help create a cleaning protocol that removes threats both short and long term. We can also provide full training for your cleaning staff either on site or in-house here at our head office; it really is invaluable in Hospital Cleaning. 

Many hospitals throughout the UK are clients of APT’s utilizing our cleaning products and hospital cleaning services – something we are proud of.

Contact us today to find out how we can help; we will happily provide you with an initial free site survey or alternatively we can assess your cleaning products needs and suggest the products that best suit your requirements.