Transforming Your Building’s Appearance with Expert Cleaning Render Services in Cheltenham & UK

The external walls of commercial and industrial properties can take a beating from harsh weather conditions, causing excess growth of algae and moss on these surfaces. This can be a frustrating problem to manage, especially when using the wrong cleaning methods that can lead to discoloration or even damage to the surface of the building render. This leaves a bigger eyesore than the growth which was being removed. Therefore, it is essential to employ the services of a specialist render cleaning company to ensure that no damage and further staining is incurred.

At APT-ICC, we have invested considerable time and money in researching the most efficient and effective way to remove algae and moss from a building facade in Cheltenham and across the UK without causing any damage to the render. Our team of specialists is trained to identify the most suitable techniques and cleaning products to use for each specific situation of cleaning render.

The Importance of Cleaning Render Services

Algae is the most common problem when it comes to render cleaning. It tends to grow within the pores of brickwork, leading to structural weaknesses that can become dangerous if left untreated. Additionally, a buildup of algae and moss can ruin the building’s appearance and create a negative impression on visitors and clients.

Specialist Products for Cleaning Render

Our research has shown that using specialist cleaning render products, such as our specially developed Algae Free product, can help to kill off biological organisms such as algae and moss, ensuring that the underlying render is ready to be washed down. We use our cleaning products in conjunction with our specialist equipment to ensure a thorough and effective clean.

K-Rend & Cleaning Render

If the building has been completed using a K-Rend finish, the amount of algae is likely to be far less as the silicone technology used in K-Rend has a high degree of water repellence, resulting in a drier finish that is more resistant to algae growth. However, a K-rend rendered surface will require more careful cleaning, and we recommend using a low-power steam washing technique rather than a high power washer. This will not only clean down the surface but won’t result in any further damage to the appearance of your commercial or industrial property.

APT-ICC’s Services for Cleaning Render

Our team at APT-ICC has a proven track record in removing algae and moss from rendered surfaces in Cheltenham and the wider UK. We treat the outside walls and then finally clean the building down with our specialist, low-pressure washers, causing no further stains or marks. Our services for cleaning render are efficient and effective, ensuring that your building’s appearance is transformed to its original beauty.

Case Study: Example of Successful Render Cleaning Services in Cheltenham

At APT-ICC, we have a wide range of successful case studies where we have helped businesses and organisations transform the appearance of their buildings with our render cleaning services in Cheltenham and UK. One of our most recent cases involved a commercial building that had a significant buildup of algae and moss on its exterior walls. Our team used our specialist cleaning products and equipment to remove the growth, resulting in a fresh and clean appearance for the building. This not only improved the building’s overall appearance but also helped to create a more welcoming environment for visitors and employees.

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Overall, APT-ICC’s services for cleaning render are an effective solution for removing algae and moss buildup on the exterior walls of commercial and industrial properties in Cheltenham and the UK. Our team of specialists is equipped with the knowledge, equipment, and cleaning products to ensure that your building’s appearance is transformed to its original beauty. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your render cleaning needs.