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Factory Cleaning, Industrial Machinery Cleaning and Ice Blast Cleaning

Client Details: Loseley Ice Creams, Cwmbran

Project: Factory Cleaning, Industrial Machinery Cleaning and Ice Blast Cleaning

Brief Overview
APT carried a full survey and provided proposals for evaluation by the client. We advised on the various cleaning options and methods, that being ice blast cleaning and deep cleaning of factory. We consulted with the managers and production teams to bring the project in under a tight programme during a brief factory production shutdown. The budget was strict.

As the factory machinery was normally in constant use the schedule for the factory cleaning and machinery cleaning had to be arranged during a short and coordinated period to avoid disruption to operations.

The Project
Ice blasting had been carried out previously by another commercial cleaning company, however it had been unsuccessful and costly. It was important that we alleviated all fears of using ice blasting, we provided detailed information and then our team attended a trial day to demonstrate how the cryogenic ice blasting, when used by trained operators, is a highly effective and quick process when cleaning factory machinery.

The production manager approved the ice blasting services of APT and cleaning commenced immediately to remove all contaminants from the industrial machinery.

APT’s Solution
A deep factory cleaning was needed, in order to clean the floors, walls and other factory areas, APT’s specialised UltraClean MB was used. This product is a fast acting bactericidal cleaner and degreaser and is essential for use in food factory cleaning.

Factory cleaning and Industrial cleaning in Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil covering South Wales & West and South West England.


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