30 Years

Property Cleaning, Machinery Cleaning and Dilapidation

Client Details: Custom Extrusions

Project: Commercial Property Cleaning, Machinery Cleaning and Full Dilapidation

It was the end of a 25-year lease, Custom Extrusion were moving their South Wales plant to their Midlands base. The property needed a full dilapidation, to include industrial machine cleaning, in order to hand back to the landlords.

The Project

To deep clean the whole inside of the factory to include all internal surfaces such as floors, walls, steelwork rafters, cladding, beams, windows, under ceiling roof panels, roof lights and internal pipework.

Also outside areas to clean, redecorate, repair cladding. Clean the gutters, roof lights. Also to clean car park areas, resurface and remark where necessary. Repair the industrial fence.

APT’s Solution

APT were called due to their experience and expertise in dilapidations. We had worked with Custom Extrusions for many years prior.

APT surveyed all areas requiring cleaning and maintenance and provided a complete schedule of works, together with all the required Health and Safety requirements. We recommended where possible to clean rather than replace.

A cost-effective cleaning program was implemented using APT’s industrial and commercial range of cleaning products and systems; we used APT’s UltraMax 2020 (Powermax 2020), a specialised heavy-duty degreaser, used for the cleaning and degreasing of the internal, high-level surfaces, under roof ceiling panels, steel work, extraction pipework, cabling trays and ducting.

We used Dry Ice Blasting to clean off the internal extruders, this saved time and reduced costs.

We brought our maintenance team in to complete all repairs renovations, working to tight time frames and costs.

The Result

We delivered the factory back to Custom Extrusion on time and below their original budget. We were able to save costs due to our knowledge and specialist cleaning techniques. Custom Extrusions had a full hand over with APT present. The Landlords signed the premises off with no deductions and no further works to complete. We saved the client over £80,000 from their original budget.

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with APT for many years and have always been impressed by their transparency and their desire to genuinely make a difference to our business. They work with a sense of pride when handing over any job. I can’t thank them enough for their proficiency in helping and consulting with us in the hand over which went smoothly with no charges levied. I highly recommend them, Andrew’s skill is in finding a more efficient way, it’s a credit to him and APT.”



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