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Marine locations

What some people may not notice, or not properly recognise the danger of, is the build up of moss or algae on areas surrounding marine locations. Where there is water, particularly undisturbed water after a season of non-use, there will often be algae present.

In areas surrounding marine locations, such as gangways, jetties, bridges, slipways, or anywhere that sees frequent footfall, effective removal of algae is essential in order to ensure no one can slip and seriously injure themselves. It is the responsibility of the owner of these areas to ensure that they are that they are clear and safe at all times.

Care must be taken when selecting cleaning agents for these situations as many are extremely damaging to the marine environment; chlorine is toxic to fish and shellfish, and poses a serious risk of lowering local species diversity. Soaps and detergents are also popular cleaning choices around marine locations, and while they might be effective at eliminating general dirt and grime, they can be less so on a layer of green algae. In addition to this, due to the phosphates in soaps and detergents, the presence of these substances in the water can actually increase the level of algae formations as they thrive on these phosphate nutrients.

Another method of algae removal is pressure washing, or scraping. These methods can remove the large majority of algae on surfaces, but it still might not be enough to make it safe and non-slippery for everyone to walk on. This also means that rapid regrowth is almost guaranteed and you will face the same problem once again.

In order to effectively remove algae build up, and ensure the safety of everyone who uses the affected areas, it is important to find an effective cleaner that you know will eliminate the algae layer, but also greatly reduce the chance of it returning. It is equally important to ensure the product you use is completely environmentally friendly to help preserve the natural habitat of the marine location where you spend so much of your time.

At APT-ICC we can not only recommend the most appropriate cleaning products for marina walkways and other key areas of footfall, but our specialist teams are experienced in cleaning huge areas in the minimum time possible in order to minimise disruption to the marina community.

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Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Bridge Specialists

Case Study Image - Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Bridge Specialists

The railway bridge had been constructed over 20 years ago and had heavy contaminated surfaces and build up of unsightly green algae and moss. There was also many years’ worth of graffiti to remove. It was very unsightly and the foot way had become very slippery and was affecting safe passage for pedestrians and school children going to and from the school and village.